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April 28 2006 By virtueonline The Resurgence of Christian Fiction - by Charles Colson

Now even the Washington Post is saluting Christian literature. In a recent review of the new novel Abide with Me, "Book World" senior editor Ron Charles observed, "Too often [in Christian novels], churchy language forces the rich ambiguity of good fiction to get 'left behind.' Lately, though, a few novels full of Christian faith have managed to transcend sectarian piety and speak to a large, diverse audience."

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We must always keep in mind that these schemes were imposed by a liberal/revisionist majority on a minority which a few years earlier had represented the overwhelming bulk of membership of the Church of England of both clerical and lay persuasions.

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April 25 2006 By virtueonline The Episcopate - By Robert Sanders

According to the 1662 English Book of Common Prayer, bishops are examined in eight articles prior to consecration. They are as follows: 1) The belief that they are called.

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April 19 2006 By virtueonline Putting the Gospel of Judas in perspective

Coming hard on the heels of The Da Vinci Code, for some the Gospel of Judas raises new questions: Did Jesus collude with Judas? And it presses old ones: Was Judas really the bad guy, and are the canonical gospels reliable?

I want to say some things about the actual content of GJu (Gospel of Judas) to put the headlines in perspective, and then to reflect on what this document does and does not tell us.

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April 18 2006 By virtueonline Crash Goes The Da Vinci Code - by Ron Rhodes

This special report is arranged in a question–answer format. There are plenty of quotes from Dan Brown's book, so you will be clear where he stands on each issue. It will be demonstrated that when all the facts are considered, Brown's Da Vinci Code poses no threat to historic Christianity.

Is Dan Brown's Da Vinci Theory Based On Fact Or Fiction?

Dan Brown's Position (Based on an NBC Today Show Interview):

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April 18 2006 By virtueonline Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

For the New Testament of Acts, the confirmation of historicity is overwhelming. Any attempt to reject its basic historicity, even in matters of detail, must now appear absurd. Roman historians have long taken it for granted. --AN Sherwin-White, Classical Roman Historian


Evidence for the Resurrection

by Josh McDowell

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April 17 2006 By virtueonline Nothing But the Blood - by Mark Dever

Few other doctrines go to the heart of the Christian faith like the Atonement. Congregations sing at the top of their lungs: "My sin, not in part but the whole, has been nailed to the cross, so I bear it no more, praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!" ("It Is Well with My Soul"). The priestly work of Christ separates Christianity from Judaism and Islam. Not surprisingly, the Cross has become the symbol for our faith.

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April 16 2006 By virtueonline LOS ANGELES: Pentecostal Movement Celebrates Humble Roots

The 100th anniversary will be celebrated worldwide, with thousands expected to participate in an Azusa Street Centennial in Los Angeles from April 25-29.

But what is now known as the Pentecostal movement had humble beginnings.

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April 10 2006 By virtueonline The Apologetics of Dorothy L. Sayers

Why do you balk at the doctrine of the Trinity - God the three in One - yet meekly acquiesce when Einstein tells you E=mc2? What makes you suppose that the expression "God ordains" is narrow and bigoted, while your own expression, "Science demands" is taken as an objective statement of fact?

You would be ashamed to know as little about internal combustion as you know about Christian beliefs.

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