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July 22 2006 By virtueonline List of TEC dioceses requesting Alternative Primatial Oversight

Bishop Peter Beckwith pastoral letter. The PDF copy can be found here.

There is another copy at Anglican Mainstream which contains the +Beckwith's letter to ++Rowan.

2. Central Florida's Statement : "We hereby appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the panel of reference, and the Primates of the Anglican Communion for immediate alternative primatial oversight. We understand that none of our actions violate the canons of the Episcopal Church."

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July 21 2006 By virtueonline Biblical Interpretation - by Robert J. Sanders

Wright begins by saying that every interpretation of Scripture depends upon the worldview of those who interpret it. He further claims that one must adopt a worldview that reflects Scripture itself. To that end he sees Scripture as a five act play: 1) an original good creation; 2) sin and the corruption of creation; 3) Israel; 4) Jesus; 5) the church in the world (p. 125).

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July 15 2006 By virtueonline Glossary of Anglican Acronyms

Thanks to Mr. Edgar Sneed for this list. Additions and corrections can be sent directly to the author at

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July 11 2006 By virtueonline Anglicans in Europe-A Model?

This collaboration came to an end, sadly, after General Convention 2003. Now it would seem that these chaplaincies are to be established not under the authority of the American Anglican jurisdiction, but of Nigeria. The need remains, certainly, and we should be sympathetic. However there will now be yet another problem of jurisdiction, one more step toward the breakup of the Anglican Communion.

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July 07 2006 By virtueonline An American Dilemma: The Episcopal Church - 1976-2006

Then, in the second half of the 20th century, a rift occurred; and soon enough the two were no longer speaking. The nation suddenly found itself in the grip of social revolution. The Civil Rights Movement, Peace Movement, Women's Movement, and Sexual Revolution quickly changed America from a stable traditional society into a political and cultural war zone. The media and the academy quickly sided with the revolutionaries and began to exert an ever-increasing influence on Christian churches.

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July 06 2006 By virtueonline Does Addressing God as 'Mother' Violate the 3rd Commandment?

The fourth argument is that there are feminine or maternal images in Scripture as well as masculine images, and the presence of these feminine images legitimate feminine references for God. Thus, we can call God Mother equally as validly as Father. It is true that there are feminine images in Scripture, but the reality is that there are exceedingly few.

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July 01 2006 By virtueonline GENERAL CONVENTION 2006: Summary of Key Responses

"There is much to appreciate in the hard and devoted work done by General Convention, and before that, by the Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, in crafting the resolutions. This and the actions taken today show how strong is their concern to seek reconciliation and conversation with the rest of the Communion.

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June 30 2006 By virtueonline Do "gay-marriage" or "civil partnerships" undermine my marriage? Yes...

The other very important resource I have recently discovered is Maggie Gallagher's Institute for Marriage and Public Policy VA, US, which can be located at I appreciate how Dr Gallagher facilitates discussion about these important issues by allowing the posting of responses - favourable and otherwise - to her material. I have read some fascinating exchanges of ideas over the months.

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June 26 2006 By virtueonline LONDON: The Church must not sway to the siren voice of postmodern culture

What is true of each one of us is also true of places and peoples. The ways in which they tell their story express and establish their identity. At Gori in Georgia, the birthplace of Stalin, the story of the local boy made good is celebrated in a museum which makes no reference to the appalling deportations and massacres for which he was responsible.

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