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Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola Refused to Blink in the face of ABC Rowan Williams' push to inject Sodomy into the Communion


By David W. Virtue, DD
February 25, 2022

For over forty years, the central story of The Episcopal Church has been the story of sodomy.

It has affected and infected all aspects of episcopal life. Almost nothing has been said, done or interpreted that has not had at its root the desire to inject pansexuality into the church.

From the early days of activist homosexual Louie Crew and his Integrity organization right up to and including the ordination of homosexual activist Gene Robinson, to the final push for homosexual marriage, the narrative has been the same - the full inclusion of homosexuals and their behavior into Episcopal Church life morphing into something called LGBTQ.

It has absorbed unnumbered General Conventions. There have been endless resolutions designed to push the envelope further and further along the table, all the way alienating, snubbing and, in the end pushing its orthodox members out the door, in the name of inclusion and diversity.

One layman, John H. Lewis, Jr., a leading Philadelphia trial lawyer and former Episcopalian, now a Roman Catholic put it like this; "All this alphabet nonsense like LGBTQ is a deliberate smokescreen to obscure the real issue which is sodomy. Does God approve of one man sticking his penis in the rear end of another man."

One could not state it more boldly or bluntly than that.

The personal and financial cost to the church has run into tens of thousands of Episcopalians leaving TEC. The financial cost has run into the tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits over properties, lost pensions and more.

Has it been worth it? Has a single sexual behavior which has within it the seeds of death, really been worth it? Even putting aside clear biblical proscriptions against homosexuality, has the pragmatic costs been worth it?

Has the cost of a divided Anglican Communion been worth it? Has the attempt to strangle scripture to make it mean other than what it obviously means just to appease a small handful of pansexualists really been worth it?

Does former Archbishop Rowan Williams have any remorse that he almost persuaded his fellow primates in Dromantine, Ireland, to accept homosexuality but was hindered from doing so by Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola. It was not the African leader who blinked, but Williams.

Is Williams' mea culpa what he told a group of Episcopalians in the Diocese of Los Angeles that the Anglican Communion is "fractured" and we are now an Anglican family?

"I am saying 'Anglican family' rather than 'Anglican Communion' because we're a very fractured communion but we're still family -- like so many families, quarreling till the cows come home," he said. "What gives us our family solidarity is, of course, that dependence on God's call, God's welcome," concluded Williams.

For his sins, Williams was invited to leave his role as leader of the Anglican Communion at the tender age of 61!

If pansexuality had not been the presenting issue, would we need GAFCON and the Jerusalem Declaration? Probably not.

One can only imagine what future historians will say when they read the volumes written about sodomy and marvel that a single sexual behavior had ruined entire denominations. That this sin has reached even into the upper echelons of the Roman Catholic Church! It has split the Anglican Communion and countless Protestant denominations.

And then look around at beautiful stone structures that once housed the faithful; now a saloon, a mosque, or an apartment block. Just as Rachel wept for her lost children at Ramah, so too God is weeping for the lost children of The Episcopal Church and all the denominations that failed to take Him at His word.


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