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SPUC Slams Inconsistent Comments Of Archbishop Welby

SPUC Slams Inconsistent Comments Of Archbishop Welby

November 22, 2019

The UK's oldest and largest pro-life organisation, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has slammed the comments of Anglican Leader, Archbishop Welby.

In a radio interview this week, Archbishop Welby spoke in support of censorship zones. Censorship zones strip pregnant women of the opportunity to receive support or information that would help them keep their baby. Censorship zones also undermine freedom of expression.

Responding to Archbishop Welby, Michael Robinson, Director of Communications for SPUC said:

"It is difficult to comprehend how the Anglican leader can contradict himself so profoundly in his comments about "Censorship Zones". The position adopted by Archbishop Welby is shocking. Justin Welby speaks about love and compassion when he deliberately excludes the most vulnerable members of the human family -- the unborn. Before, voicing an opinion, the Archbishop would be wise to check the facts -- if he had, he would have discovered that the argument that harassment takes place outside clinics is Fake News.

I'm sure many Anglicans will fully recognise the value of human life at every stage. Their leader has let them down. He has also given support to those who would ensure the unborn are bereft of help and mothers are denied the opportunity of a last-minute change of heart."

Speaking about "Censorship Zones", Mr Robinson added:

"In 2018 SPUC lead the campaign against the introduction of "Censorship Zones" outside abortion facilities. We dispatched over 90,000 postcards to people wanting to contact the Home Secretary and as a consequence the Home Secretary determined national legislation would not be a proportionate response.

"The campaign was a massive victory for common sense, democracy and above all for the hundreds of vulnerable women who are saved from the horror of abortion at the very gates of the abortion clinic.

"We know through the witness of many women who have come to us that there are children today who owe their very lives to the courage of these volunteers, standing out in all weathers and sometimes facing abuse from members of the public or even from officials."


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