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SOUTH SUDAN: Episcopal Church Shuts down due to Coronavirus Pandemic

SOUTH SUDAN: Episcopal Church Shuts down due to Coronavirus Pandemic

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African Correspondent
March 28, 2020

The Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan has closed all its churches and activities in the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Rev. Lukudu deputy spokesman of the church said in a statement that since the government announced the lockdown, the Church was obliged to close its doors.

Archbishop Justine Badi Arama leader of the Anglican province said he would respect the national authority's directive and instructed that all Churches in the country be closed.

"The country's president, Salva Kiir banned religious and all other gatherings, and it would be out of place if the churches continued operating," he said.

"The Episcopal Church of South Sudan has asked Christians to pray from their homes," said Lukudu. "Our archbishop Justine Badi has requested all Christians to remain at home and to pray from their homes on Sundays with their families until we get information from the government that the situation has improved."

To date, South Sudan has not reported any case of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the country's Health ministry, through its undersecretary, Dr. Makur Kariom announced a lock-down of the country's borders. He said the government had also banned international flights as part of preventive measures against the scourge.

All the borders, including Juba International Airport and other airports in the country have been closed. Only cargo planes, food and fuel trucks are currently the only ones allowed into the country. Only flights carrying humanitarian related cargo are allowed into the country.

William Legu, a lay leader at All Saints Anglican Church in the Upper Nile region, said that there is a need for Church leadership to negotiate with some local FM radio stations so that they relay live Sunday services from some Churches.

"We cannot go against the government's decision, but our leadership should devise means of teaching its followers especially through radio and social media," said Legu.


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