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Is the 2020 conference now in jeopardy of happening?

By David W. Virtue, DD
March 25, 2019

It is becoming increasingly evident that Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is under huge pressure to either compromise and allow the homosexual spouses of actively homosexual bishops to attend the Lambeth Conference next year or face his own personal Calvary at Kent University. From that event he will emerge mortally wounded, destined to face the same fate as his predecessor, Dr. Rowan Williams, who was forced to retire eight years before his time.

He is already partly compromised in that he pushed the Lambeth Conference forward by two years in the hopes that he could settle differences between The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in North America. But a hurried meeting of Primates in Canterbury proved fruitless and now the scheduled event for next year looks seriously compromised.

Welby is in a no-win position. He has already been damned by the GAFCON Primates for his wobbliness over pansexuality. They have told him, in explicit terms, that they will not be attending Lambeth 2020 despite shrill cries from Thabo Makgoba (South Africa) and Josiah Idowu-Fearon, (ACC) Welby's good cop, bad cop armor bearers and arm twisters. Now Welby faces a greater threat from the LGBTQI Western Gaystapo Anglican leadership ripping him apart for his failure to exercise inclusivity, diversity and generous orthodoxy with a large dollop of "good disagreement" thrown in for good measure.

A secular university and an ultra-liberal British politician have now waded into the Anglican cauldron, stirring the pot of sodomite inclusion, demanding that Welby rethink his pandering to dumb Africans who haven't learned how to come into the 21st Century over human sexuality. Perhaps someone should whisper in Welby's ear that he shouldn't tell Africans who know how to make churches grow by the millions with biblical evangelism, while he and the CofE suffer from Stage 4 spiritual cancer. Moat and beam, Your Grace, moat and beam.

This week, the University of Kent waded into the fray. The University emerged into the public domain as the host of this "homophobic" conference, and said it supports the Church's stand not to allow the homosexual partners of homosexual bishops to attend the 10-day event.

The university stands to collect over half a million dollars for hosting the Anglican summit. The financial windfall might explain a lot.

But a source told VOL that all the rains of fire and Sulphur of the media and the Left will now fall upon the university in torrents, until it finds it can no longer host the Conference.

"I have also seen a rather pertinent question asked about banning those bishops who have engaged in multiple marriages. There are now several in England, contrary to 1 Timothy 3.2," the source told VOL.

Enter the MP for the Ribble Valley, a homosexual politician who believes bishops should take the Church of England summit to court for barring same-sex partners to attend Lambeth next year.

In an interview with The Telegraph to mark LGBT history month, Nigel Evans said that allowing bishops in heterosexual relationships to bring their spouses to the international summit, but banning same sex partners, could be classed as workplace discrimination!

"I'm wondering whether that's discrimination. It could be tested in the courts. If it wasn't for the gays in the Church, the Church would crumble!" He then went on to say it would be doing the Archbishop of Canterbury a favor." Really.

Naturally the Church of England declined to comment. After all what can they say?

Evans said that the organizers of the Anglican summit should think "what would Jesus do."

Actually, Nigel, Jesus did say that "male and female created He (God) them" thereby closing the sexual matrix. He was following Genesis 1:27 and 5:2. No change in centuries.

"Perhaps we should take bets on whether the Lambeth Conference will take place at the University of Kent in 2020 -- or at all?" the source opined.

The homosexual bishop of Toronto, Kevin Robertson, waded in accusing the Archbishop of Canterbury of bowing to homophobia.

Archbishop Welby told Bishop Robertson he could not bring his husband with him because it would upset those from traditionalist churches in Africa, South America and Asia, who strongly oppose any accommodation with LGBT+ Christians.

Bishop Robertson told The Independent, Archbishop Welby had effectively caved in to bigotry.

When asked if the opposition of conservative bishops was driven by homophobia, not theological differences, he said: "I do, because it appears there is an inconsistency."

Of course, they will steal Welby's thunder by giving press conferences just as Gene Robinson stole the lime light from Rowan Williams. The secular press will be all over this.

Not surprisingly, Nigerian Archbishop Nicholas Okoh and GAFCON chairman told his followers that they had felt "the pain of betrayal" because homosexual bishops, like Robertson, were not also being excluded along with their partners.

If same-sex spouses were being barred, so too should homosexual bishops, who have also committed to a "sexual relationship [which is] incompatible with scripture", he wrote.

Perhaps Welby thinks that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

Welby attempted to comfort Bishop Robertson during their meeting by pointing out at the last Lambeth Conference in 2008, gay bishops as well as their partners were banned.

Standing in sympathy with Robertson, the Bishop of Liverpool. Paul Bayes, a prominent pro-LGBT+ advocate in the Church of England, said he will not bring his own wife to the Lambeth Conference in protest at the decision. Celibacy for 10 days will cost him dearly.

Mary Glasspool the lesbian bishop of the Diocese of New York, said she will travel to London with her wife next year. In a letter posted online, Bishop Glasspool said her wife, Becki Sander, would remain outside the summit and would be joined by the wives of the two other bishops from New York, in solidarity.

All of this indicates that Welby is not out of the woods as to whether Lambeth will or will not take place. He's damned if he does, and he may think he will dodge a bullet if he doesn't, but the cries of homophobia will reach higher than a Soyuz spaceship.

If it should take place, you can be sure that on the last day following Eucharist, the exiting bishops will sing "lift high the cross", and they will look up and see Justin nailed to a Canterbury cross. They will reflect on why the blood of homophobia is dripping from his nail-pierced hands.


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