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By David W. Virtue

Thousands of Episcopalians want to redirect their funds away from both their revisionist diocesan bishops and the National Church because of policies that are in direct opposition to authentic mission and the proclamation of the Good News.

Withholding funds has become a legitimate way to tell revisionist bishops who want monies from orthodox parishes to support the church’s socio-political and sexual, non-biblical agenda of inclusion not redemption.

While some parishes are forced to pay their apportionment (assessment), they are not obliged to pay further monies toward the diocese’s ongoing “mission”. Those monies are optional, though Virtuosity has learned that in dioceses like Pennsylvania and Florida the bishops are twisting arms, using threats and coercion to extort more money out of richer orthodox parishes to support their agendas.

Some parishes across the country continue to support their dioceses based on the biblical tithe of giving ten percent of their pledged income as an expression of their support for the unity of the church and a responsibility to be part of it. But this is not mandatory. Other churches are giving a tithe minus whatever their vestry designates as money strictly designated for parish use only, that is, for those parishioners who would give nothing unless they had that option.

Virtuosity offers the following list of doctrinally sound, biblically orthodox and evangelistically driven ministries to whom you can send your contribution.

All these ministries have been personally vetted by this writer and checked against knowledgeable persons in Episcopal/Anglican ministry organizations.

The list is offered in alphabetical order.

ACTS 29/ERM Ministries. An Episcopalian Renewal Ministry which conducts teaching and training seminars across the country and around the world. The ministry has a heart for the thousands of local parishes across the country, and offers a variety of parish renewal conferences designed to re-ignite Christians at the local level. The Rev. Alan Hansen, Pres. 1900 The Exchange SE Ste. 170 Atlanta, GA. 30339-2022 Tele. 770-952- 2670 Fax 770-952-2371 Email info@a29.com http://www.A29.com.

AFRICAN TEAM MINISTRIES supports the church in East Africa through training evangelism, supporting AIDS prevention, AIDS orphans. They support water projects, medical projects, displaced peoples and famine relief. They are involved in three Anglican Provinces – Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Keith Jesson, Director P. O. Box 115 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91025 Tele. 626-359 5075, 800-456-0843 Fax 626-359-8075 Email ATMM@earthlink.net http://www.africanteamministries.org/ This ministry was founded by the late Ugandan Bishop Festo Kivengere. Another allied ministry in Tanzania is managed by the Kramer Family Mission. Offerings to this ministry can be made to the: Kramer Family Mission, P.O. Box 852, League City, TX 77574. The mission plants churches, provides Christian education for children and clergy famine relief. They report back promptly.

THE AMERICAN ANGLICAN COUNCIL has emerged as the orthodox arm of the Episcopal Church. In the wake of the grievous actions taken at General Convention, the AAC exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and work to insure that there is a place for mainstream Anglicans in the Episcopal Church to call home. Canon David C. Anderson is the president of the organization. The American Anglican Council 1110 Vermont Avenue, NW Suite 1100 Washington, DC 20005 Phone: 800-914-2000 or Cell: 703 966-1361 Fax: 202-296-5361 E-mail: info@americananglican.org God Changes Lives for Good!

ANGLICAN COMMUNION INSTITUTE stands for a clear reawakening of "dynamic orthodoxy" ---an application of creedal faith to the urgent questions of today. It is the mission and purpose of the Anglican Communion Institute to make a biblical and historical articulation of the faith once delivered readily available to the larger church through conferences and printed word. By bringing together the finest theological and biblical scholars in the Church, it has been and will continue to be our goal to offer a forum for significant reflection on core matters of the doctrine and discipline of the church for its clergy and lay members. Concerned persons can contact its Executive Director, the Rev. Don Armstrong at e-mail: gracerector@AOL.COM.

ANGLICAN FRONTIER MISSION concentrates on the 25 largest and least evangelized people groups on the planet. Here you will enter a part of the world that has been neglected by Christian mission. 20% of the entire world’s population or 1.5 billion people have never heard about Jesus Christ. They comprise huge ethnic groups of whom less than 1% are Christian. AFM is committed to seeing churches arise among these people. You can support this ministry by sending a donation to: AFM, The Rev. Tad de Bordenave, Director P.O. Box 18038 Richmond, Va. 23226 Tele. 804-355-8468 Fax 804-355-8260 Email AFM@xc.org http://www.episcopalian.org/afm/

THE CHURCH ARMY USA is part of a worldwide cadre of evangelists within the Anglican Communion. Captains and sisters are trained in a two-year program. Officers serve in inner city, rural, Indian and overseas missions, and as parish and institutional workers. The Church Army raises up evangelists to proclaim the gospel to the least, the last, and the lost and to draw them into the life and mission of the church. Capt. Steve Brightwell, National Director, 210 West North Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212-4625; (412) 231-1851; toll-free: 1-888-412-5442; e-mail: info@churcharmyusa.org.

THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY (CMS)-USA), founded in 1998, is a sister organization of CMS, Britain, the largest missionary agency in the Anglican Communion, founded in 1799. CMS-USA recruits, trains and places multi-ethnic missionary teams planting new churches in ethnically diverse communities or working with the leadership of existing fellowships to transform them into intercultural churches. 62 East Grand Ave., New Haven, CT 06513; (203)469-7077; FAX: 203 469-0564 E-mail: glittle.cms-usa@snet.net.

EKKLESIA SOCIETY. Ekklesia is an international society committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ affirming the authority of the Scriptures, The faith of the historic Creeds, The Sacraments as instituted by Jesus, Historic Apostolic Ministry. EKKLESIA also provides networking with Global South bishops. The Rev. Bill Atwood, General Secretary, PO Box 118526, Carrollton, Tx. 75001-8526. Tel. 800-303-6267 Fax 972-245-3472 E-mail: GenSec@ekk.org.

EPISCOPAL CHURCH MISSIONARY COMMUNITY (ECMC) is a voluntary society enabling Episcopalians to be more knowledgeable in fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. Founded in 1974, ECMC raises mission vision in Episcopal parishes, promotes and provides training for missionaries and mission committees, equips Episcopalians to reach unreached people groups around the world, and raises prayer support for Episcopal missionaries. ECMC runs a clearinghouse for information about Episcopal and interdenominational mission opportunities and has trained more than 300 Episcopalians for cross-cultural mission. ECMC is the sponsoring organization of the New Wineskins for Global Mission Conference. Sharon Stockdale, Director Box 278 Ambridge, Pa. 15003 Tele. 724-266-2810 Fax: 724-266-6773 Email: ecmc@anglicanmission.us http://www.episcopalian.org/ecmc/

EPISCOPALIANS FOR TRADITIONAL FAITH is a growing grassroots movement within ECUSA. ETF is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting use of the classic 1928 Book of Common Prayer within the Episcopal Church. This organization of Episcopalians works on restoring and repairing the Church through use of the 1928 liturgy, which is based entirely upon Holy Scripture. ETF relies on an active and informed laity, as well as traditionalist priests and bishops, to ensure unity through adherence to the traditional faith, order, and worship of the Church. Online contributions can be made by using PayPal on the ETF website, or send a check, along with your name, address, and e-mail address to Episcopalians for Traditional Faith P.O. Box 361 Mill Neck, NY 11765.

EVANGELICAL FELLOWSHIP IN THE ANGLICAN COMMUNION (EFAC-USA). This evangelical Episcopal organization stands in the Reformed Anglican tradition of the historic creeds and the 39 Articles of Religion, and the standard of teaching and practice of the Book of Common Prayer. They accept the Scriptures as God's word written, and as containing all things necessary for salvation and the final authority in all matters of faith and behavior. The Rev. Richard Crocker is president. http://www.episcopalian.org/efac/

[b]FAITH ALIVE[/b] draws men, women and teens from Episcopal churches near and far to form a team, to come to your church to serve as facilitators, teen and children's leaders and musicians; to share their experiences within Christian community. Prepared and encouraged through a structured Faith Alive program that has blessed some 2,400 churches since 1970, the team members come to your church at their own expense to share how their lives are refreshed by a conscious commitment to follow Jesus Christ as Lord. Faith Alive Weekends are held in Episcopal churches in the USA and Anglican churches in Canada and the Bahamas. They can be reached at FAITH ALIVE, 431 Richmond Place NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 Ph. 505 255-3233. E-mail FAOffice@AOL.COM

[b]FIVE TALENTS INTERNATIONAL[/b] is an Anglican initiative to combat poverty in developing countries using micro-enterprise development. Five Talents fights poverty, creates jobs and transforms lives. Five Talents International is an Anglican initiative which is committed to combating poverty in the developing world by: Equipping the poor with small business training and small loan programs Equipping the church with the tools to help the poor in small business. Craig Cole, Executive Director PO Box 1487 Fairfax, VA 22030 Tele. 703- 242- 6016 Email: fivetalents@fivetalents.org http://www.fivetalents.org

[b]FORWARD IN FAITH, NORTH AMERICA[/b] Forward in Faith is the umbrella group within the Church of England for traditionalist Episcopalians that oppose women’s ordination and uphold the traditional liturgy and the Anglican Service Book. FIFNA was founded in response to the General Synod’s decision to ordain women to the priesthood in November 1992, though its concern for Christian truth and discipline now goes far beyond any single issue. It aims to provide an ecclesiastical structure which continues the order of bishop, priest and deacon as the Church has received them. FIFNA seeks to play a full part in the life of the Church. Carolyn C. (Cris) Fouse is Nat'l Field Director 2905 Lackland Rd. Ste. D Ft. Worth, Tx.76116-4155 Tele. 817-735-1675 Toll- free: (800) 225-3661 Fax 817-735-1351 Email FIFNA@compuserve.com http://forwardinfaith.com/

[b]GATEWAY MISSION TRAINING CENTER [/b]provides cross-cultural ministry training and short-term mission opportunities geared to Latin America. Rev. Dan Klooster, 300 Riverside Dr., El Paso, TX 79936; 915-872-8712 E-mail: danklooster@earthlink.net.

[b]GLOBAL TEAMS, INC. [/b]The Rev. Kevin Higgins, Director. Teams mission is to recruit, equip and support thousands of believers from many cultures to target the untargeted, evangelize the unevangelized, reach the unreached, and disciple the undiscipled so that the heart of Jesus Christ may be rooted authentically within every culture of the world. The Rev. Jim Hobby, 3514 Dundalk Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32309 Ph. 850 894-2426. E-mail jhobby@global-teams.org. Head Office Box 490, Forest City, NC 28043; (828)248-1377; e-mail: ewm@rfci.net.

[b]THE INSITITUTE ON RELIGION & DEMOCRACY. [/b]The Institute on Religion and Democracy is an ecumenical alliance of U.S. Christians working to reform their churches, social and political witness, in accord with biblical and historic Christian teachings. This is accomplished through denominational committees working for reform and renewal in the Episcopal Church, USA, Presbyterian Church (USA), and the United Methodist Church, as well as through our Religious Liberty and Church Alliance for a New Sudan programs, which advocates for religious freedom internationally. Faith McDonnell, Director, 1521 16th Street, Suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20036 Tel. 202-986-1440 Fax 202-969-8429 Email fmcdonnell@ird-renew.org http://www.ird-renew.org

[b]NASHOTAH HOUSE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY. [/b]Nashotah House is a seminary of the Episcopal Church whose mission is the preparation of men and women for ministries in the Anglican tradition, including: the formation of priests for parish ministry, continuing education for clergy, and training for other forms of ministry, both lay and ordained. Founded in 1842 as a mission on the American frontier, the mission today is to produce graduates who are skilled in pastoral leadership, and who can communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with passion and clarity both in the United States and overseas. The Very Rev. Robert Munday, Dean and President Nashotah House 2777 Mission Road Nashotah, WI 53058 Tele. 262-646-6500 Tele. 1-800-627-4682 Email nashotah@nashotah.edu http://www.nashotah.edu. remunday@nashotah.edu.

[b]NOEL (National Organization of Episcopalians for Life).[/b] NOEL is a fellowship of Anglican Christians who uphold the teachings of Scripture and who bear witness within our church and culture to the sanctity of life and the sacredness of the family. With over 50 chapters across the U.S., NOEL works to minister to parishes and communities nationwide. NOEL addresses issues such as abortion, abstinence, assisted suicide, euthanasia, pre- marriage counseling, marriage support, parenting, crisis pregnancy support, and post-abortion healing. Georgette Forney, Exec. Director 405 Frederick Ave. Sewickley, Pa. 15143-1522 Tele. 412-749-0455, 800-707-NOEL Fax 412- 749-0422, 412-741-7360 Email NOELife@aol.com http://www.noelforlife.org

[b]NORTH AMERICAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY [/b]is dedicated to planting new Anglican congregations for the 21st century. “Our aim is to build a cohesive, dedicated, effective, and focused community of churches,” says The Rev. Dr. Jon Schuler who leads this movement. E-mail: NAMSHQ@aol.com US Mail: P.O. Box 718, Pawley's Island, SC 29585 Voice: 800-441-NAMS Fax: 803-237-7802.

[b]ROCK THE WORLD: [/b]Youth Mission Alliance seeks to call and equip kids to lead the world to Christ. It offers ministry and training events for young people and their leaders, including an M.A. in Missions and Evangelism with Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry, and Josiah Project, a summer college-level program that includes cross-cultural mission experience. It runs a youth ministry consulting and job listing service. The Rev. Whis Hays, Exec. Director P.O. Box 43 Ambridge,Pa. 15003 Tele. 724-266-8876 Fax 724-266-5916 Email whishays@rocktheworld.org www.rocktheworld.org

[b]SHARING OF MINISTRIES ABROAD (SOMA). [/b]SOMA's mission is to change the world for Jesus Christ by preparing and sending short-term mission teams across national and cultural boundaries at the invitation of the diocesan bishop. We equip and train leaders to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. The U.S. team is frequently joined by a team from the host country to help plan the program and share in leading worship and other ministry. Edwina Thomas, Nat. Director 5290 Sarasota Lane, Woodbridge, Va. 22193 Tele. 703-878-7667 Fax: 703-878-7015 Email SOMAUSA@aol.com http://www.episcopalian.org/soma/ e-mail somausa@AOL.COM or EThomas@somausa.org.

[b]SOUTH AMERICAN MISSIONARY SOCIETY, (SAMS) [/b]USA, was founded in 1976 as a sister society to the 150-year old SAMS-Great Britain. SAMS has over 50 long-term missionary personnel in nine countries in Latin America and Spain. Over 500 people have served in SAMS’ short-term program. SAMS missionaries serve as church planters, teachers, pastors, and in social ministries as well as training national leaders and minister socially. A special emphasis has been church planting in the rapidly growing cities of Latin America and Spain. SAMS can be reached at P.O. Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003; (724) 266-0669; SAMS Acting Executive Director is Stewart Wicker. Email Info@SAMS-USA.org http://www.sams-usa.org/.

[b]SOLAR LIGHT FOR CHURCHES OF AFRICA HATHAWAY FOUNDATION [/b]Solar Light for Africa is a not-for-profit collaboration between American and African churches, nongovernmental organizations, and governments to provide light and energy to rural Africa using God's gift of the sun with its natural power. Solar systems are installed in rural health clinics, schools, orphanages, churches, and other public facilities in east African countries as charitable funds are raised. The Rt. Rev. Alden Hathaway, Director PO Box 399 Ambridge, PA 15003 Tele. 850-894-8566 Email: hathawayVI@worldnet.att.net http://www.solarlightforafrica.org

[b]TRINITY EPISCOPAL SCHOOL FOR MINISTRY (TESM),[/b] an evangelical and orthodox Episcopal Seminary established to offer an alternative to the revisionist trends in other more liberal ECUSA seminaries. TESM is an evangelical seminary offering courses in Bible, theology, and missions to train Christian leaders, youth ministers, and missionaries for service in the U.S. and overseas. It is the seminary¹s goal that all graduates be eager and able to raise mission vision in their parishes. 311 Eleventh St., Ambridge, PA 15003; (724)266-3838; e-mail: registrar@tesm.edu. The Rev. Dr. P.C. Moore, Dean 311 Eleventh Ambridge, PA 15003 Tele. 724-266-3838 Fax 724-266-4617 Email WickStephens@tesm.edu http://www.tesm.edu/ Also the home of the STANWAY INSTITUTE (TESM) Rev. John A. Macdonald, director. 800 874-8754.

[b]UGANDA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY PARTNERS (UCUP) [/b]The Rev. Prof. Stephen F. Noll Vice Chancellor Uganda Christian University PO Box 4 Mukono, Uganda Tele. 011-41-290231 Fax 011-41-290139 Email: UgandaPartners@episcopalian.org or StephenNoll@infocom.co.ug http://www.ugandapartners.org/ Mrs. Diane Stanton Executive Director P.O. Box 38333 Dallas, TX 75238 Tele. 214-343-6244 Fax 214-341-3060 Email DianeStanton@ugandapartners.org Mrs. Patricia Hind, Administrative Assistant.

[b]VIRTUOSITY [/b]is the Anglican Communion’s largest and most widely read online Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism. It is read by more than 750,000 Anglicans in 45 countries on six continents. Virtuosity offers a twice-weekly digest of News stories about the Anglican Communion and is available FREE at www.virtuosityonline.org. Readers may sign on at the website. Virtuosity is a non-profit news service and tax deductible donations can be made at the website using PAYPAL or by snail mail to VIRTUOSITY, 1236 Waterford Road, West Chester, PA 19380.


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