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Recent shooting in Colorado by a transgender girl/boy is said to hate Christians

Recent shooting in Colorado by a transgender girl/boy is said to hate Christians

By Courtney Toms
May 11, 2019

Some of the gender confused folk (and note I said some) have become such because they have been subject in a number of cases to top-down public-school curriculum that has pushed gender fluidity and caused great confusion.

This type of teaching followed legalization of gay marriage which emboldened gender deconstructions to push for excising paradigms that were seen to be vestiges of a Judeo-Christian past/bias. Students are told by some teachers (and taunting peers), "You don't know what you are until you've tried it." The goal is "break down".

Sacramento's recent move re. such education is reflective of what has been going on more in urban and now suburban schools than in middle America, but it will hit that portion of America soon enough. Immigrants' children particularly those who don't speak English well are particularly vulnerable because they cannot yet discern the
. Moreover, many who have walked across the border are undereducated in Language 1, and their personalities have been shaped by a top-down often Catholic culture that has taught them not to question authority. A teacher almost wears the mantle of a priest.

Voters should be very aware, too, about which political party pushes this stuff. Biden and Obama certainly. Joe's grandchildren are in private schools, and Obama's escaped these aforementioned practices in DC's schools by sending his children to private Sidwell Friends (as did Hillary). I am not sure they are aware of the ramifications of some of the stuff they stand for on society as a whole.

Minority children are at risk as are the children of the liberal elite who are still in public school and who are taught to be tolerant about almost every deconstructionist trend that comes down the pike. Once any seen-to-be arcane Ten Commandment is tossed out, those who have been held back from acting against that moral constraint, suddenly lose the power to resist. Thou shalt not becomes "Go ahead and dabble."

In any battle, a chink in a warrior's armor meant that person was likely to be felled by an enemy in due course. Similarly, a chink in the "Thou shall not Armor" likely in time will lead to breaking other commandments, such as murder, stealing, coveting, and more.

The U.S. is clearly in decline with boundaries within and without being eroded. It would not surprise me, were I to live long enough, to see it fall. My children and grandchildren may.

The question is, "What will replace it?" What are we doing to prepare our children for it? Yes, the Dems are right in caring about the environment and guns, but they cut and paste morality, (as do Republicans on other issues) and give a wink and a nod to near infanticide.
Both sides have blind spots about their own willful sins and parade about in self-righteousness like a strutting peacock.

Personally, I take hope in Christ's words, "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My word will not."

Not accepting this inevitability leads those who think the world is simply a mismatch of man's social constructs to despair and panic, and secular millennials are particularly subject to such since they may have no transcending picture about life, death, and its meaning. Many have not come to terms with their own deaths to come much less death of the planet by the entropic principle if not by man's doing.

It may be that God's real and proverbial judgment will be NOT to intervene, or it may come from a yet unfathomable event caused by the Creator.

Those in panic mode tend to think they will rescue the earth fully and finally from ecological disaster. Caretake, yes, and do what one can to conserve the planet. Remember St. John's vision on the Isle of Patmos of the new heaven and new earth, though.
It will be brought into being by God, not man.


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