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REAL IDENTITY: Where Bible and Life Meet

REAL IDENTITY: Where Bible and Life Meet
Sixty Days of Deeper Devotion in Genesis
(A Crossroads Deeper Devotion book)

By Thaddeus Barnum
Wesleyan Publishing House, 352pp, Kindle $7.99
Available at Amazon.com here: http://tinyurl.com/ladnx98

Reviewed by David W. Virtue DD
December 3, 2013

Few theologians have the ability to adequately link the Bible with life. Too often what theologians have to say seems disconnected from the real everyday world where most of us live. Often the Bible is used as a sledge hammer or tool to win arguments or to state or restate profound truths about what it is we believe. Of course, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with declaring and restating "the faith once for all delivered to the saints", but there are times when we want to hear how God's Word relates to our everyday lives.

Author Thad Barnum has achieved this in a very remarkable way. Through a series of life stories, many of which are drawn from his own life, Bishop Barnum leads his readers in a series of devotional reflections that are truly engaging, biblically affirming and takes the reader into the souls of other peoples' lives and how they engage God in times of triumph and tragedy.

It is at these personal crossroads-those profound occasions where the Bible intersects a life - that we meet God through His Son Jesus. In each four-page reading, Barnum artfully connects the truth of the Biblical story to his own (and ours), revealing and modeling the way of an authentic disciple.

In Real Identity, Barnum guides us at our own pace through key passages of Genesis, asking us to think deeply on some of life's biggest questions: Who is God? Who am I? And why am I? Likewise, he challenges us to consider the implications of life's biggest answers: God hears. God cares. God acts on our behalf.

Begin the journey into an authentic holiness by discovering who you were created to be. In the process, find your own all-important intersection, where what you know meets how you live. For those who are tired of a superficial belief in God and the Bible, this transparently crafted book shines the light of Scripture upon a well-worn path, for all disciples who would be real.

I cannot recommend this devotional book too highly. The reads are short, timely, penetrating through the smoke and mirrors of what often passes for contemporary spirituality and discipleship these days. There is no easy belief system being foisted upon the reader. Barnum asks the hard questions and demands that his readers engage in Questions for Reflection. In this volume you will be drawn into real life situations where God is to be found. These devotionals will start you day thinking and on the right foot.

Thaddeus Barnum senior pastor of Church of the Apostles in Fairfield, Connecticut; and a founding board member of the Mustard Seed Project. He is also a bishop in PEARUSA an ongoing missionary effort of the Anglican Church of Rwanda to plant biblically-faithful Anglican churches in North America.

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