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Queer Episcopal Organization "Integrity" Goes Volunteer as it Runs out of Money

Queer Episcopal Organization "Integrity" Goes Volunteer as it Runs out of Money

By David W. Virtue, DD
January 9, 2018

The LGBT advocacy organization known as Integrity will eliminate all paid staff and rely wholly on volunteers as it moves forward, according to a blog post at their website. Its president, Bruce Garner, wrote: "The Board of Directors of Integrity USA has recognized the need to shift the focus of the ongoing work away from paid staff and toward volunteers at all levels. Accordingly, December 31, 2017, marked the last day that Integrity USA had any paid staff. Other than items of contract work, the work of Integrity will return to the hearts and hands of volunteers... and we will need all the hearts and hands we can find!"

What happened? Was it that the organization had won the culture wars on sodomy in TEC and no longer needed money for the organization, or that people had finally grown weary of sodomy being thrust at them from every level of the church, that they finally had had enough and said: no more.

The goal, according to Garner, was largely (though not completely) accomplished at the General Convention in 2015. He acknowledged that the goals of Integrity had changed as a result and that the kind of work needed going forward will be primarily grass-roots, person-to-person ministry which likely won't need a paid staff.

So be it.

Integrity was the brain child of arch homosexual Dr. Louie Clay (nee Crew), who saw, 40 years ago, that to broker his own homosexual proclivities into the Episcopal Church he needed to persuade its bishops, seminaries, clergy and then in a final putsch -- the laity - towards full acceptance. As a sodomist and an academic, he had the right credentials. Admitting at one point that the Bible did not speak well of homosexuality, he nonetheless adopted the mantra that "God loves absolutely everybody" and went all out for his cause.

By any reckoning, the organizational strategy begun by Crew was brilliantly executed. Crew successfully turned the Church into a sexual pretzel, replacing the Church's identity in Christ into the Church's identity in sodomy.

It was and has been a turbulent but triumphant period, with only eight hold out dioceses now who refuse to allow same-sex marriages. According to Garner, they still need to be turned. History has shown that time and persistence usually pay off.

They will, most likely, be successful, as the remnant orthodox bishops retire and are replaced with moderate bishops of all shades of opinion. A case in point is the Diocese of Northern Indiana under the former Bishop Edward S. Little, an evangelical. Following his retirement, they elected a company man in the person of Bishop Douglas Sparks. He will go along to get along. Little was the end of an orthodox era in the diocese.

The Diocese of Central Florida under its recently elected bishop Greg Brewer, softened its stance on sodomy, baptizing the child of two openly homosexual men and much more. Hard nuts to crack will be Albany, (Anglo-Catholic), Springfield (Anglo-Catholic) and Dallas (evangelical), but the insistence of a black presiding bishop, House of Deputies clergy and Integrity pansexualists will insist that no bishop shall be seated who does not go along with the changed canons of the Church. Homosexual inclusion is now written into canon law and any succession for a diocese with a bishop who holds biblical beliefs on the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman, is now all but impossible.

The sad reality is that liberals could neither start, plant or make churches grow.

Their only hope was to turn orthodox parishes with the cry of inclusion and 'generous orthodoxy', a term made famous by Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold.

They ripped and shredded churches in the name of diversity and felt pain.

Theology went out the window, as new generations of seminarians, force fed the pottage of contemporary findings on sexuality and gender invaded pulpits, changed the Prayer Book, dumbed down the creeds, resulting in people being sent away spiritually empty. Most parishioners did not know what hit them and most still don't. Now, aging Episcopalians stay put for the Columbarium not the creed.

The Episcopal Church paid an enormous price to aid, abet and legitimize Gene Robinson, the former homosexual Bishop of New Hampshire. His election tore the fabric of the Anglican Communion, from which it has never recovered.

The great reversal began when then Bishop Chuck Murphy formed the Anglican Mission in America (AMiA) in 1999, and later the emergence of the more robust Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) under Bishop Robert Duncan.

But the damage had been done; The Episcopal Church is now on a downward trajectory from which there is no hope of reversal. The average age of most priests and parishioners is now well over 60, with more than half of all churches unable to pay for a full-time priest. The average size congregation is in low double-digit numbers with the Church shrinking year over year in Average Sunday Attendance, with more burials than confirmations or baptisms.

In the end, the pansexualists won a pyrrhic victory. With tens of millions spent on property lawsuits, the collective money pool is slowly drying up. The embrace of sodomy has come at a very high price. There is talk of cancelling future general conventions in favor of cyber conventions to save money. Most resolutions passed at conventions are soon forgotten and only those relating to sexuality have a life, now albeit short. The shiv is in.

The Episcopal Church is heading into the dust heap of history. The upcoming General Convention in The Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas June 23-July 3 will require resources for legislative and communication support, as well as planning and offering a Church-wide Eucharist for same sex marriage. It will be the kiss of death.

Dr. Crew/Clay is now in his Eighties. He may not live long enough to see the demise of a Church he twisted to his own devices and desires, but when the epitaph of the Church is written, his name will surely figure large on its tombstone.

As St. Paul wrote in Galatians 6:7-8, "Be not deceived. God is not mocked. For whatever a man sows, that will he also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh will from the flesh reap corruption." Crew/Clay and Integrity have together sown to the flesh and of the flesh they have destroyed a Church.

Its total destruction is only a matter of time.


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