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Turning the screws a little tighter

R-15 Affirmation of the authority of the Bishop

Resolved, that this 209th Council affirms the authority of the Bishop of
the Diocese of Virginia, the Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee as contained in
the diocesan and church canons.

Council respectfully encourages him to discipline those churches and clergy
that do not actively support the mission, fellowship and life of the
Diocese or who are actively undermining the mission, fellowship and life of
the Diocese.

Submitted by the Clericus of Region 13
The Rev. Caroline Smith Parkinson, Dean
The Rev. Jeune E. Cunningham
The Rev. James Hammond
The Rev. Jennings Hobson
The Rev. Roma Maycock
The Rev. William MacDonald Murray
The Rev. Kira Myers
The Rev. Ann Stribling
The Rev. Linnea Turner

Rationale: The Clericus of Region 13 gathered at its regularly meeting on
January 15, 2004 shared their collective, grave concern about the ideas and
plans contained in a memo being distributed by The Rev. Geoff Chapman, a
chief strategist for the American Anglican Council (AAC). By his
introductory paragraph in the memo, he implies that the information which
follows has the endorsement of the entire group. This memo clearly outlines
a plan of a replacement jurisdiction for the Episcopal Church in the
United States (ECUSA). It proposes a strategy to disrupt the order of the
church and ultimately to dismantle it. We are well aware that some of the
parishes and/or Rectors within our diocese are bold in their acclamation of
identity with the AAC.

People can have honest differences on issues before the Church. Resolving
those differences should not involve undermining the authority of the
diocesan bishop and attempting to impede the work of this Diocese which has
served Virginia Episcopalians for over 200 years.

R-16 On Receiving the Ministry of the Diocesan Bishop to Congregations in
The Diocese of Virginia (Top)

Whereas, Article XXVI of the Articles of Religion in the Book of Common
Prayer states: Although in the visible Church the evil be ever mingled
with the good, and
sometimes evil have chief authority in Ministration of the Word and
Sacraments, yet forasmuch as they do not the same in their own name, but
in Christ's, and do minister by his commission and authority, we may use
their ministry, both in hearing the Word of God, and in receiving the

Neither is the effect of Christ's ordinance taken away by their wickedness,
nor the grace of God's gifts diminished from such as by faith and rightly
do receive the Sacraments ministered unto them, which be effectual, because
of Christ's institution and promise; and Whereas, Peter James Lee is the
canonically elected and consecrated Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia;
now therefore be it
Resolved, that the 209th Council of the Diocese of Virginia affirms the
principle established in this XXVIth Article; and be it further

Resolved, that the 209th Council calls upon congregations of the Diocese
prayerfully to receive the ministry of their Diocesan Bishop.

Submitted by
The Reverend Dr. Lindon Eaves,
St. Thomas, Richmond.


The article recognizes the deep ambiguity of Church life and that the
efficacy of scripture and sacrament depend on the faithfulness of God, not
on the perceived or actual virtue of the minister. At open meetings
following General Convention, the Warden of All Saints' Church, Dale City,
read a letter asking Bishop Lee not to administer the Sacrament of
Confirmation in that congregation. The proposed resolution constitutes
recognition by Council that such requests are at variance with the Anglican
understanding of scripture, sacrament and ministry.


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