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PENNSYLVANIA: Archbishop Malango Makes Welcome Visit To Orthodox Parish


By David W. Virtue

ROSEMONT, PA (6/6/2004)--The Primate of Central Africa, Archbishop Bernard Malango made a welcome visit to the Church of the Good Shepherd on Sunday, and was greeted warmly by the Anglo-Catholic traditionalist congregation.

He was accompanied by the Rt. Rev. Edwin Barnes, Bishop of Richborough (retired) of the Church of England.

"We are living in extraordinary times and days with unusual provisions and relationships," said the visiting Primate. "It is important for you to know that the struggles you face have not escaped the attention of leaders in all the other provinces of The Anglican Communion."

"I am going to a meeting of the Lambeth Commission in Kanuga soon and we are asking what does it mean to be in relationship; what are the limits and what are the bonds we have? This Lambeth Commission has brought worldwide attention to a Communion on the brink of disaster."

The African Primate said he called the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams about his coming to Good Shepherd, and the Anglican leader told him that because there were implications in his being there and because he was on the commission and mindful of his role, that he should not participate in any episcopal acts.

"Therefore I have asked Bishop Edwin Barnes, Bishop of Richborough (ret) to perform the laying on of hands and to do confirmation," said Malango. The traditionalist Anglo-Catholic bishop was one of the first Provincial Episcopal Visitors in the Church of England and was a Suffragan Bishop to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Malango said there was a lot of talk about funding resources in the Communion. "Some provinces are no longer accepting money from those provinces and dioceses that promote the same-sex agenda. It is a great sacrifice for us, but we are strong in faith even as our wallets are small."

"We have no super secret fund to draw on. We also know that we must uphold the faith when it is costly; we look to God our father to provide for us."

The Primate said Jesus shows us the way to the Father. He wears many crowns and wears them all. It is the same role God asks each of us to play with others. You must reach out to the poor."

Fr. Moyer welcomed the visiting primate and asked for his apostolic blessing and knelt to receive it.

The Archbishop stated: "How good it is to be here with my priest, Father Moyer".

Fr. Moyer described the presence of Bishop Barnes as a "double blessing".

Moyer said that the clergy of All Saints', Wynnewood were also "under attack" [from Bishop Bennison] naming Fr. Eddie Rix who is now canonically resident in the Diocese of Lusaka in the province of Central Africa. "We share the same Archbishop," said Moyer.

Fr. William Ilgenfritz from St. Stephen's, Whitehall, PA had two of his parishioners confirmed by Bishop Barnes, telling Virtuosity, "I could not, in conscience, allow my people to be confirmed by Paul Marshall the revisionist Bishop of Bethlehem. It's wonderful to have my people confirmed by Bishop Barnes in the presence of Archbishop Malango."

Fr. Moyer also asked his congregation to pray for Fr. Brewer at the Church of the Good Samaritan, some 20 miles away, who was undergoing a stressful day with an enforced visitation by Pennsylvania Bishop Charles Bennison. He asked his church to pray for God's mighty protection for the priests there.


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