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July 28 2007 By virtueonline THE GOSPEL MIRACLES: The Man with the Shriveled Hand

What sort of person, who believed that healing miracles were possible, would stand judgment on the healer? The same sort of person who believed that their way was right and that the way of others was wrong. It is possible to believe in God, to believe that God's power was present and available to do good, and yet to belittle the way in which that power was used. "If it is not done my way, then it is wrong." Those people were in attendance at worship at the synagogue.

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July 15 2007 By virtueonline THE GOSPEL MIRACLES: The Raising of Jairus's Daughter

Early on he was diagnosed with spinal meningitis, and then autism. They had to face the fact that Jeremy would never get better. They were exhausted - emotionally, physically, spiritually. They had followed every medical lead. They had done all they knew. Finally they decided to give God the opportunity to heal Jeremy and glorify himself if he chose to. Their pastor led a healing service for Jeremy. But their troubles were only to worsen.

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July 12 2007 By virtueonline THE GOSPEL MIRACLES: The Cleansing of the Leper

In the time of Jesus, leprosy was viewed as the classic punishment for sin. It was the telltale sign that the sufferer was a culprit who had committed sins unknown to his neighbors. The suffering indicated that while sin might be hidden from others, it could not be hidden from God, and it served as forewarning of the ultimate fate of the sinner.

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June 23 2007 By virtueonline THE GOSPEL MIRACLES

"Before the Naturalist and the Supernaturalist can begin to discuss their difference of opinion, they must surely have an agreed definition both of Nature and of Supernature. But unfortunately it is almost impossible to get such a definition. Just because the Naturalist thinks that nothing but Nature exists, the word Nature means to him merely 'everything' or 'the whole show' or 'whatever there is'. And if that is what we mean by Nature, then of course nothing else exists.

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June 14 2007 By virtueonline THE GOSPEL MIRACLES

Jesus borrowed Simon Peter's boat to use as a pulpit from which to teach the people. After he finished speaking he asked Simon to put out into the lake and to go fishing. It must have been morning, because Simon protested that he had been fishing all night, and had been unsuccessful. "Master, we've worked hard all night and haven't caught anything." Yet, despite being tired, and discouraged, out of respect for Jesus, whom he acknowledged as 'Master' he did as he was directed.

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June 02 2007 By virtueonline A VISION THAT RENEWS

A crisis can occur which gets us reaching out for help with a new urgency. There are new demands upon us to which we have to respond. New situations arise in which we don't have all the answers. The former responses don't satisfy and we get discouraged. We need a shot in the arm - something to get us going again in the right direction, with renewed vigor.

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May 23 2007 By virtueonline REMEMBERING AND FORGETTING

By remembering, we pay a debt of honor to those who have been wronged and have suffered, especially those who have paid the supreme sacrifice. By remembering, we ensure that the "dead shall not have died in vain." By remembering, we dedicate ourselves to the "unfinished work which they who fought..

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May 22 2007 By virtueonline ASCENSION DAY: What it contributes to a full Christian Understanding

Not so easy to dismiss is the notion that Christ's Ascension into Heaven is akin to some form of ascending skywards, as in a hot-air-balloon. Partly responsible for this misconception has been the tendency of Christian art to portray his ascension as entrance to some celestial canopy both sumptuous and palatial. It is as though Ascension Day celebrates Christ's safe return from the harsh reality of this world back into the safe seclusion of heaven.

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May 22 2007 By virtueonline THE GREATEST OF THESE IS LOVE

Henry Drummond was born in Stirling, Scotland on August 17, 1851. When he died, aged 45 in 1897, his life was described by his friends and admirers, as the most Christian life they ever knew. His biographer, the noted biblical scholar, George Adam Smith, wrote that he "was one of the purest, most unselfish, most reverent souls you ever knew; but you would not have called him saint.

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May 14 2007 By virtueonline LOVE NEVER FAILS

This love is eternal. This is what William Penn (1644-1718) meant when he prayed: "Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only an horizon, and an horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. Lift us up, strong Son of God, that we may see further, cleanse our eyes that we may see more clearly, and draw us closer to yourself that we may know ourselves to be nearer to our loved ones who are with you."

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