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By David W. Virtue

"The dirty tricks at Watergate did not bring Richard Nixon down. He did that himself by denying his association with the plot once The Washington Post brought it to light. Any leader of AAC who wants to survive in a position of vital influence in TEC should leave the AAC and apologize for the harm the dirty tricks have done to all, not just to TEC and the communion, but to faithful people with genuine dissent." Louie Crew, The Episcopal Church's First Sodomite

Louie Crew doth protest too much.

For more than 35 years he and his pansexual pals have whined, pleaded, cajoled and subverted General Convention resolutions by using 'local option' to press the homosexual agenda into the Episcopal Church, against all Episcopal history, the wisdom of the ages, 6,000 years of biblical history, the entire corpus of Holy Scripture, the Canons and Constitutions of The Episcopal Church, the Lambeth resolution and more.
Now he has the audacity to liken the American Anglican Council's recent public disclosures to Watergate.

Meanwhile his uberboss, Frank Griswold has lied and deceived his fellow Primates by signing a pastoral document he had no intention of following or keeping, then consecrating an openly gay bishop with Crew's eminent delight and approval, and now he is watching while his lies and duplicities are slowly gutting the Episcopal Church, risking its ecumenical integrity with leading Christian denominations and emptying Episcopal pews.
The lies and hypocrisy of Frank Griswold would fill a book.

Episcopalians who oppose the consecration of a gay bishop are said to be preparing to engage in widespread disobedience to church law in 2004, according to revelations revealed in a document written by the Rev. Geoffrey Chapman, an AAC board member that outlined its strategy in a confidential document.

The document, which was leaked to the Washington Post, makes clear that traditionalist ECUSA leaders intend to severely challenge the authority of Episcopal bishops, and expect that both civil lawsuits and ecclesiastical charges against dissenting priests will result.

However the AAC's media director, Bruce Mason, said Chapman is not a policy spokesman and the council does not intend to "supplant the current structure" of the Episcopal Church. He did say it is the conservative forces who are "remaining faithful to the Anglican Communion" while the Episcopal Church is not.

Now let us go back in time. When the Episcopal Church was orthodox, who challenged the authority of the church when women's ordination was illegally brokered into the church as a "civil right" when the church had not only not approved, it had not even entered into theological discussion over its validity?

Or homosexual misbehavior. What General Convention has ever passed a resolution approving the ordination of active homosexual priests to the priesthood? It's never happened. But it's been going on for years. Furthermore priests and laity have entered into committed same-sex relationships in parish after parish with many a revisionist bishop's approving "blessings" (under the altar) and Walter Righter walked away declared 'not guilty' for ordaining an openly homosexual to the priesthood because the church said it had no canons against it.

Long before rites were approved at the last General Convention, they were going on in revisionist parishes with a wink and a nod from revisionist bishops. Whenever anybody said a word or raised an alarm, screams of homophobia echoed across the Internet and in diocesan publications. Thou shalt only feel pain, thou shalt not criticize. If you do, it is off to the Gulag you shall go for reparative therapy in sodomite acceptance. If you need help throw in some gay porno movies, Sewanee seminary will help you make the selection, (and we still want your checks to keep coming in.)

ECUSA theologian Dr. Ephraim Radner put it well when he wrote, "The outrage over this 'leaked memo' of the AAC is either a sign of disingenuousness or of numbed consciousness. The basic outline of this 'strategy' has been public for some months, largely because it represents the Proposal of the Primates of the Global South for disciplining ECUSA (and New Westminster) that was presented at the October Lambeth meeting (this proposal is available at anglicancommunioninstitute.org).

And the Rev. Don Armstrong a biblically orthodox priest in the Diocese of Colorado said the leak was much ado about nothing. "It is the revisionists who have misbehaved, those of us associated with the AAC and the Anglican Communion Institute are simply and obediently maintaining the historical faith and order of the Anglican Communion--something I consider a creedal necessity. There was nothing particularly startling in the AAC memo--the revisionists broke communion by disobedience to the expressed position of the Church's instruments of unity, which then caused ECUSA to be in violation to its own constitution and canons. This has resulted in more than half of the Anglican Communion severing ties with our province."

Louie Crew wants the leaders of the American Anglican Council to repent of their actions as though viable dissent has a prayer of working in the ECUSA. It doesn't now and hasn't had in more than 25 years.

Orthodox Episcopalians have drawn so many lines in the sand their backsides have developed permanent rashes as they have moved further away from ECUSA's apostasy and repeated accomodationism.

"Faithful people with genuine dissent" as Crew calls them, have been trampled on, ridiculed, spat at, reviled, yelled at for being homophobic, uninclusive and lacking pluriformity, as to make their "dissent" a total mockery.
No. It is not the orthodox who need to repent, it is Crew and his sodomite pals and Frank Griswold who needs to repent of his actions that numerous Primates have asked him to do for consecrating V. Gene Robinson.

The folk at AAC have no intention of leaving ECUSA, they are fighting to take the church back from 40 years of theological and moral disorder, and because their "plans" were exposed, it changes nothing.

As far as "dirty tricks" goes, one only has to look at what clandestine Episcopal website revisionist priests and laity are up to in trying to destroy orthodox bishops like Bishop Peter Beckwith. Better still ask the priest in the Diocese of the Rio Grande who belongs to something called via media who tried to subvert the process for electing a new bishop to replace Terence Kelshaw by using mailing lists he had no business using to push for a new pro-sodomite bishop.

Or the sleazy way the selection committee in the Diocese of North Dakota tried to slip five pro-gay candidates into the process to select a new bishop and got found out when a sixth candidate was offered who said he was against same-sex rites.

The disorder in ECUSA didn't start with the AAC, it began with Pike, Spong, Crew and his crowd, and before they try to take out and demand the leadership of the AAC repent they should remove the beam from their own eyes before trying to remove the splinter in the AACs.


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