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Lambeth Deputy to become Archbishops' Appointment Secretary is a Married Homosexual

Lambeth Deputy to become Archbishops' Appointment Secretary is a Married Homosexual

By David W. Virtue, DD
January 7, 2022

In July of last year, Stephen Knott married Major General Alastair Bruce of Crionaich, Governor of Edinburgh Castle, in St John's Episcopal Church, Edinburgh, with the Bishop of Edinburgh officiating.

It was announced from Lambeth Palace that Knott will take up the position as Welby's right-hand man as Secretary for Appointments. Slubgob, a devil and the director of the tempters' training college in Lewis's famous Screwtape Letters, would be exultant at the choice.

Welcoming the appointment of Mr. Knott, a joint statement by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York said: "His commitment to, and knowledge of, the Church of England stands him in sure stead to manage the processes for senior appointments, as the Church seeks to follow God's call in the coming years."

On hearing the news, an Anglican sociologist and social critic wrote that it is yet another example of perversity competing with insanity to produce wickedness! Kyrie eleison!

Mr. Knott is currently deputy chief of staff to the Archbishop of Canterbury. The Archbishops' Secretary manages the process for the appointment of bishops, deans, and other senior posts in the Church of England, working closely with the Prime Minister's Appointments Secretary. He is key to the future appointments in the Church of England. Think about that and what it really means.

Can you imagine a straight white male who said he abhorred homosexual behavior because it was unbiblical, getting an appointment today in the Church of England? In your dreams. And now you know why Melvin Tinker, Gavin Ashenden and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali left the Church of England. They saw it coming. They were prescient.

For a comparison in the Episcopal Church, the late Bishop of Washington, Ronald Haines' formal hiring policy disallowed parishes to hire and sponsor white heterosexual males. All candidates for the priesthood or who were hired were either female, racial and ethnic minorities or homosexual or transgender. (Not much was made of transgender at this point.) The policy was solidified under the late Bishop Jane Dixon.

The current Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has made it abundantly clear that he wants more diversity in the church with bishops of color as well as homosexuals and lesbians. To date there are there are currently five out and proud LGB bishops in the HOB. Through the years, though, there have been rumors of other homosexual bishops who have not self-identified nor openly embraced their hidden sexual lifestyle.

In addition to retired Bishop Vicky Gene Robinson (IX New Hampshire), openly professed homosexual and lesbian bishops include: Bonnie Perry (XI Michigan); Mary Glasspool (New York-assisting); Thomas Brown (X Maine); and Deon Johnson (XI Missouri). Several bishops check at least two diversity boxes on the woke, politically correct qualification checklist. Deon Johnson (XI Missouri) is both black and homosexual. You can read more here: https://virtueonline.org/wokeness-episcopal-house-bishops

Mr. Knott will also work closely with the director of the Ministry Development Team (previously Ministry Division), Bishop Chris Goldsmith, "ensuring that recruitment, selection and discernment processes help increase diversity among senior leaders," according to the release that announced his appointment.

There you have it. The slow, steady encroachment of the pansexual agenda of the LGBTQ will now be fully enforced. Nothing can stop it. Now you know why the former Bishop of Rochester, UK, Michael Nazir Ali resigned and took off for Rome. "I had to leave" because the Church of England as an institution "seems to be losing its way." With Knott's appointment, the broad road leading to destruction is guaranteed.

"The Anglican Church has become splintered, a loose collection of churches, many of whom have conflicting interpretations of Christianity. Even when the Church manages to agree on things, these decisions don't seem to carry much weight - people go off and do it their own way," said Nazir-Ali.

Mr. Knott will be a fifth column in the C of E, a public mole for full homosexual inclusion. Jayne Ozanne, the CofE's radical lesbian feminist must be dancing for joy. The pro-pansexual Living in Love and Faith project will come to full fruition in the appointment of Knott. Nothing can stop it. Wobbly Welby will implement it all, thus making sure that any orthodox biblical refutation will be quickly squashed in the name of full inclusion.

Both the ordination of women and the affirmation of homosexual identities and relationships prominent secular goals are now fully ensconced in the Church of England. There is no turning back. The worm has turned.

The notion of a new revelation hitherto concealed from the hoi polloi, but now revealed to the Enlightened, will be hailed by progressive bishops and sold to unenlightened parishioners.

As Gavin Ashenden noted, "in the culture wars the Church of England like so many Protestant groups, is heavily invested in the values of progress and the personal, social and political ambitions for self- improvement."

Arianism and Pelagianism have now become the predominant heresies of the Church of England.

Now you know why Global South and GAFCON evangelical primates will continue to distance themselves from Welby and the Lambeth Conference.


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