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KENYA: Realignment of Anglican Communion is Done Deal Says Archbishop Wabukala

KENYA: Realignment of Anglican Communion is Done Deal Says Archbishop Wabukala
Old institutions of Anglican Communion are dying. ACNA is sign of the future
Rebuilding, developing institutions and networks must aid in proclamation of gospel, he says

By David W. Virtue DD
October 25, 2014

Recent news that Lambeth 2018 has been postponed, perhaps indefinitely, is the latest sign that the old institutions of the Communion no longer command confidence, according to Kenyan Archbishop Eliud Wabukala. "We must remember that the fundamental reason for this is doctrinal. We are divided because the Faith is threatened by unbiblical teaching," he added.

"In contrast, GAFCON 2 demonstrated that we were emerging as a new and effective 'instrument of unity' for the Anglican Communion."

The Kenya Primate noted that reality was underlined at the investiture of Archbishop Foley Beach as the second Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America by the Primates gathered in Atlanta, representing GAFCON and the Anglican Global South, receiving him as a Primate of the Anglican Communion.

"It is a sign of great hope for the Gospel in the world. It is not a small thing that has happened. There was no need for us to be reminded of the reasons why GAFCON had called the Anglican Church in North America into being five years ago because the investiture demonstrated that the realignment of the Anglican Communion is now established and unstoppable.

"Anglicans around the globe are now affirming this fact. Last month the Provincial Synod of the Anglican Church of Kenya unanimously approved a resolution to be in formal partnership with the GAFCON movement. Then just before the investiture, the Synod of the Diocese of North West Australia passed a resolution recognizing 'the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) as a member church of the Anglican Communion, in full communion with Diocese of North West Australia'. Shortly afterwards, the Synod of the Diocese of Sydney passed a resolution which recognized 'that GAFCON is an emerging instrument of communion when others have failed to provide the well needed leadership' and stated 'recognizing Synod's desire to be in full communion with the ACNA."

The archbishop said the task before us is the of rebuilding, developing of institutions and networks which help, rather than hinder, the proclamation of the gospel and reflect the new thing God in his mercy is doing in the Anglican Communion.

"Recognizing this need, the Primates Council earlier this year authorized the establishment of a strengthened Secretariat, with the appointment of Mr. Philip Robinson as GAFCON Operations Manager, tasked with organizing the means by which the movement can grow in effectiveness as a worldwide fellowship."

He will be based in the UK. His initial focus will be the mobilization and growth of GAFCON's global fellowship, including the launching of a contact program to widen understanding of GAFCON's leading role in the renewal and reform of the Anglican Communion.

GAFCON 2 brought together 1358 delegates, including 331 bishops, from 39 countries.


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