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This excellent collection of short portraits of John Stott, expanded and updated from the 2012 original, coincides with the 100th anniversary of his birth.

James Robson, Ministry Director for Keswick Ministries
Pastor, Leader and Friend (2nd edition)
By Christopher J.H. Wright, Lindsay Brown, et al (Editor Julia Cameron)
Dictum Press. £6.99
ISBN 978 1 838 097 219

The aim is to 'bring new insights into the life of John Stott and the ministries founded and fostered by him' (pp. ix-x). But this is not merely of historical concern. As one of the most significant global evangelical leaders of the last 100 years, we all have much to learn from his life and ministry.

There is a great variety of contributors and topics, but each has the vividness of being painted in the months following JS's death in 2011, while the collection benefits from a reflective distance.

Easily read in an hour or two, it opens up the story of Stott's life and his remarkable contribution, under God, in five parts.

Part I focuses on 'John Stott the man.' The testimony of Frances Whitehead (his secretary of more than 50 years) to his authentic faith and godly example is one significant note amongst many.

Part II turns to 'John Stott: Anglican Evangelical,' demonstrating his concern for global and local Anglicanism, and his greater concern for the gospel and the glory of Christ without regard to denomination.

Part III looks at his 'Global interdenominational ministry,' including his service to the student world, pivotal involvement in Lausanne, passion for whole life discipleship, and seminal role in A Rocha. The breadth testifies to Stott's concern for full-orbed Christian maturity, as well as to his energy and discipline.

Part IV brings 'Voices from around the world,' with contributions on subjects as varied as personal Bible reading and cultural engagement. Striking again is repeated testimony of the impact of Stott's friendship and servant-leadership.

Some key books keep being mentioned: Basic Christianity, The Cross of Christ, Issues Facing Christians Today, and Your Mind Matters. All are classics that all should read. And some key themes from Stott's life recur: his humility, godly example, authenticity, clarity of thinking and generosity in listening, his friendships across generations and cultures, preaching and teaching, commitment to the Scriptures and to the cause of Christ.

The collection does not encourage a search for a successor. But everyone will find here much for which to give thanks, and much from which to learn

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