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Islamic Persecution
March 15 2012 By virtueonline Deadly Diversity: Nigeria's Islamist war on Christianity

Olusegun Obasanjo was elected president in 1999, ending 16 years of military rule, but, as elsewhere, the transition to democracy has released animosities hitherto brutally repressed by dictators.

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For weeks now the media has been in a frenzy about whether or not the Prime Minister rode a particular horse. Frankly the idea that Cameron should seriously check the provenance of every gee-gee he goes for a ride on is so daft as to be laughable.

There are vastly more important matters to which we should be drawing attention and the abject surrender of our Christian heritage is one, as is the growing persecution of anyone who happens to believe the gospel is true.

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March 09 2012 By virtueonline Iranian Christians rounded up in sweep of arrests across the country

Elsewhere, in Kermanshah, Masoud Delijani, a Christian convert from Islam, has been jailed for three years. He was charged with being a Christian, holding illegal house church gatherings, evangelising Muslims and action against national security. Masoud, a school teacher, was not given the opportunity to defend himself in court.

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March 03 2012 By virtueonline Blasphemy and Free Speech

Such violence in response to purported religious insults is not simply spontaneous. It is also stoked and channeled by governments for political purposes. And the objects and victims of accusations of religious insults are not usually Westerners, but minorities and dissidents in the Muslim world.

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February 28 2012 By virtueonline The Silence Regarding the Persecution of Christians

With the exception of admitting a handful of Egyptian Copts fleeing prosecution, the official U.S. reaction has been limited to verbal condemnation.

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February 24 2012 By virtueonline Christian homes invaded in besieged Syrian city; families desperate to flee

The situation of Homs at the moment is a horrifying one. Violence has escalated... We witnessed a lot of bombardments, killings, shootings, kidnappings.

As well as the danger of being caught in the crossfire, the lack of resources is putting the survival of Homs' residents under serious threat. There is no electricity, and people are running out of clean water, food and medicines.

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Watch the moving interview with Pakistani Cabinet Minister Shahbaz Bhatti, just before his martyrdom - while defending her and others freedom of religion in Pakistan.

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February 22 2012 By virtueonline Religious Groups Demand Saudis Release Christian Prisoners

Both the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) and International Christian Concern (ICC) are charging that Saudi Arabian government officials have severely mistreated the prisoners because of their Christian faith.

Saudi officials assaulted the men and performed humiliating body cavity searches on the female prisoners. One high-ranking official told the Ethiopians, "You are nonbelievers and animals. You are pro-Jews and supporters of America."

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February 18 2012 By virtueonline Christians in Syria fear civil war and regime change

More than 7000 people - includ­ing an estimated 2000 members of the security forces - have been killed since the unrest began nearly a year ago. Despite the fevered diplomatic activity at the Arab League and the United Nations, there is no indication of how the crisis will be resolved.

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February 17 2012 By virtueonline Islamist violence drives nearly 95 per cent of Christians from Nigerian state

Some are going to safer parts of the country while others are crossing the border into Cameroon.

"Systematic elimination"

The Church of England's General Synod last week called on the Government to "do all it can" to support the protection of religious minorities in Nigeria.

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