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Islamic Persecution
October 28 2012 By virtueonline Nigerian Anglican Archbishop right to brand Boko Haram a Foreign Terrorist Org.

That view, Barnabas Fund believes, accounts for 'the reluctance of the US State Department to designate Boko Haram a foreign terrorist group', compounding 'fears that the attacks will not be effectively counteracted'.

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October 24 2012 By virtueonline Defending Sudan's Christians from Islamist Terror

Further evidence of Sentamu's leadership emerged in an October 17 speech he delivered to the House of Lords in defense of the besieged and mostly Christian people of South Sudan. The South Sudanese won their independence from the brutal Islamist regime in Khartoum last year after decades of vicious war in which millions perished.

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The Melkite Catholic Church to which Msgr. Jeanbart belongs are Byzantine Catholics who speak Arabic. Back in August his residence was plundered by Islamic terrorists.

Were these anti-Assad insurgents supplied with weapons and communications equipment by Western intelligence agencies conniving with the Saudi and Turkish secret services? If so, then that is symptomatic of the spiritual vacuum in Western intelligence that Islamic Jihadists are not slow in exploiting.

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October 15 2012 By virtueonline BREAKING NEWS: Iran Launching Massive Arrests Of Evangelicals

"They are of several movements. But it has become clear that Protestant Christians are now viewed as enemy number one of the state," Khandjani said. "We need urgent prayers," he added when asked what believers need most.


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October 09 2012 By virtueonline Christian Students Executed by Boko Haram in Nigeria

Emily Fuentes, the communications and public relations coordinator for Open Doors who recently visited Nigeria and spoke to Christian leaders about Boko Haram, told The Christian Post that believers around the world can agree that prayer is the "only thing that will change the people of Boko Haram."

"There are people who are turning to Christ who used to be in the Boko Haram, and God is changing their hearts," Fuentes told CP.

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October 05 2012 By virtueonline The misery of Copts in Egypt

This article will highlight some recent incidents that support my argument of the Copts' dilemma. It will also examine the weak reaction by the current regime, the lack of effort to seriously tackle those issues, and it will provide some suggestions for ways forward.

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September 25 2012 By virtueonline Pakistani Anglican Church Burned By Islamic extremists

The BPCA said that Muslims desecrated Bibles and religious artefacts, especially many of which were used in ceremonies within the Anglican church. Many were brought out into the public compound of the church and were set on fire.

The BPCA is concerned that similar incidents will reverberate throughout Pakistan.

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September 18 2012 By virtueonline Egypt's Coptic Christians Fearful Amid Outrage Over Muhammad Film

"We are worried about violence," Mina Thabet, an activist and founding member of Maspero Youth Union, a group of Coptic Christians, told USA Today. "There will be more violence against us. There will be more discrimination. There will be more hate."

On Friday, the fourth day of demonstrations in Egypt, at least one protester was killed, more than 27 people were injured and 145 protesters were arrested near the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

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September 13 2012 By virtueonline OTTAWA: 2012 Worldwide Initiative to Pray for Christian Victims of Persecution

Today, around the world over 200 million are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. The number of Christians who have been martyred for their faith in the 21st Century averages over 170,000 each year.

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September 12 2012 By virtueonline Screening of controversial Channel 4 documentary on history of Islam cancelled

Critics have accused Holland of distorting the history of the religion in Islam: The Untold Story.

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