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IRELAND: Anglican Bishops Issue Open Letter on Human Sexuality

Irish bishops issue open letter on human sexuality

The Church of Ireland Bishops has issued an open letter offering to arrange meetings and receive written submissions on human sexuality issues.

The following is the full text of the Bishops’ letter

Following the Pastoral Letter on Human Sexuality in September 2003, the Bishops of the Church of Ireland have received responses from a number of groups and individuals. The bishops are aware that others may also wish to be heard.

To provide for this, a process has been set up to continue to listen.

Three options are offered:

 The bishops would like to meet as many as possible of those who wish to talk to them about their personal views and/or experiences. It is hoped that these meetings will take place during the latter part of this year. Those interested in meeting with the bishops should write giving a brief outline of their contribution to, Mrs Karen Seaman, Secretary’s Office, Bishop’s House, Moyglare, Maynooth, Co. Kildare or e-mail: klseaman@iol.ie

* Some people may prefer to correspond with the bishops about their personal views and/or experiences and these may be sent to the Secretary, Mrs Karen Seaman. Correspondence may be signed or anonymous as the writer wishes.

* If it becomes apparent that some people would prefer to communicate with them through a confidential third party or parties, such a facility will be provided. Details will then be publicised.

In the event of the bishops being unable to accommodate every request for a meeting, they intend nonetheless to hear a broad range of opinions and experiences.


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