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International Anglican Bishop Outlines Desperate Need in Global South for Food, Masks and More

International Anglican Bishop Outlines Desperate Need in Global South for Food, Masks and More

By David W. Virtue, DD
September 7, 2020

While we may feel inconvenienced by COVID-19, African Anglicans say their lives are on the line and many are in danger of dying without basic necessities like food and water. "Subsistence farmers Who can't go out of their homes are unable to feed themselves from day to day," says ACNA Anglican International Diocese bishop Bill Atwood.

Atwood, who has traveled regularly to Africa for decades has seen firsthand the terrifying effect of the pandemic racing across the world. "An African archbishop told me that they have no online capacity, no (church) services, no offerings to operate their churches, with provincial staff having to be laid off. In another Anglican Province," he said, "there are many instances of unrest with homes being burned by Government troops who suspect the villages are supporting rebel groups. We need to need to send them seeds to plant so can they have something of a future. They also need masks, hand sanitizers and much more."

I am sending a contribution, myself. If you think you can make a sacrificial gift, it will be doubled on "Giving Day" Sept. 10thup to $27,500. You can go here to make a donation: www.ekk.org

Watch 5 mins with Bishop Bill Atwood here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8w9y87lbz7ybnxu/5%20Min%20%22COVID-19%20Relief%22.mp4?dl=0

Click here to see Bishop Atwood's website and appeal: http://www.ekk.org/

The Rt Rev. Bill Atwood is the ACNA Bishop of the International Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America, and General Secretary of Ekklesia.

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