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By David W. Virtue, DD
August 31, 2021

NEWS ITEM: The largest Episcopal church in America, St. Martin's, Houston, recently celebrated completion and consecration of new worship spaces at a cost of $66 million. The congregation is led by the Rev. Dr. Russell J. Levenson, Jr.,

With $66 million you could do the following:

By spending only $66 million ($38 million borrowed from the World Bank, and the balance from its own revenues), the US government would create $1.75 billion in economic benefits (World Bank report)

$66 million could provide one billion meals for poor and malnourished kids in America.

The Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program of the USDA has invested $66.4 million for projects that are expected to increase biofuels sales by 1.2 billion gallons annually. Through this program, USDA helps transportation fueling and biodiesel distribution facilities offer higher ethanol and biodiesel blends to customers by sharing the costs to install fuel pumps, equipment and infrastructure.

The average HUD home is $10,000. With 66 million, you could buy 6,600 homes and give them to those living on the economic margins.

Two women in New York erased $1.5 million in past-due medical bills for hundreds of strangers for pennies on the dollar. In New Orleans, two women were concerned about medical debt in their own community. Some of the most vulnerable people in the city owed $1.9 million of medical debt -- and forgiving it cost $19,000!

Now think what $66 million would do! It could erase ALL of America's medical debt.

Feeding America turns $1 into at least ten meals. $66 million would provide 660 million meals, enough to feed two meals to every American.

Gospel for Asia installs wells in poor communities. During 2018, they installed 4,712 clean water bore wells in Asia. They can install a complete "Jesus Well" for only $1,400. With $66 million, they could install 47,143 "Jesus wells".

Water Wheels for Africa says the average cost per well is $8,000 USD. $66 million could provide 8,250 wells.

Or you could rehab one single episcopal church in Houston, Texas for $66 million.


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