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How the Revisionists Control ECUSA

“It is sometimes said that conduct is supremely important, and worship helps it. The truth is that worship is supremely important, and conduct tests it.” Archbishop William Temple

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

If there is one lesson the revisionists have learned and learned well it is that if they win the bishoprics they not only control the direction of the church, they have the majority vote in the House of Bishops and who will eventually succeed Frank Griswold. They also know that a revisionist bishop can control who comes into the diocese, beat up on faithful Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics who disagree with them on the 'faith once delivered', control the money flow to 815 to keep the national church's agenda alive, intimidate faithful rectors and much more. They also know that the bishop is capable of ripping up parishes if need be, deposing the rector and turn a once thriving parish into a mission. Just ask the folk in Versailles, Kentucky.

The revisionists will do whatever it takes to win. They will employ every sleazy tactic in the book to get their man or woman elected. Consider what they did in the Diocese of North Dakota, Rio Grande, Colorado and more.

The worst case is currently going in the diocese of the Rio Grande, where the godly Terence Kelshaw retires in 2005 and a single revisionist priest got hold of the entire diocesan mailing list and used it to promote his revisionist cause.

So the lesson is this. First of all control the process. Make sure that the Search Committee chosen to investigate the candidates has several homosexual or pansexual believers on it. Then make sure that every candidate answers a question or two about the limits (or non-limits) of inclusivity, diversity and the usual buzzwords about sexual orientation, support of 815, abiding by the canons and constitutions etc. and then weed out any orthodox contenders. Then make sure that whoever is elected, and it really doesn't matter at this point if he or she believes in the creeds or 39 Articles, prays regularly, reads the Bible regularly, if at all, but will they make the appropriate noises about God's promiscuous love for all peoples between whatever sheets are available at the moment, preferably Versace, as he had pretty good idea about the non-limits of homoerotic behavior.

The most important thing is learning how to dress up, put on a good show when you go visiting a local parish, mouth platitudes, pat a few heads, baptize and confirm a few adults (while still remaining dressed up), sit in a fancy chair and look good. Whatever you do don’t say too much if the congregation just happens to know what the Bible teaches, but breathe the air of inclusivity and God's promiscuous love for all peoples, and tell the rector (privately) that if he doesn't cough up more money to keep the diocese afloat he will remove him. Do it all with a smile, and then leave in your limousine.

The rector tells the vestry what the bishop just told him and everyone goes into a slump. Usually at this point the weakest members of the vestry think the best thing to do is not to upset the bishop and to give him/'her what she wants and then ignore him/her for three years and hope he/she won't show up again or beat up on the rector.

But there is one thing revisionist bishops cannot control - the departure of faithful Episcopalians to other jurisdictions. When they see that happening, they make public statements about how "sad" and "disappointed" they feel but inwardly they are seething with rage. The bishop has just deposed a "wicked" (read orthodox) priest because he "betrayed" the bishop, defied the canons and took most of the congregation to newer pastures.

The bishop knows that those who departed were the big givers and now he must put the screws to the remaining priests and dig into his Trust Funds to keep the party line going.

But Episcopalians are in decline and like ancient Rome; they are falling from within. Too much in fighting and this is effecting the population. Episcopalians just don't have children like they used too. It's not dignified! The position is ridiculous and the pleasure fleeting!

AS AN INDICATION OF HOW BAD THINGS ARE THERE COMES THIS from Waxahachie, Texas: "Our parish is small -- about 150 to 200 souls, but our per capita pledging has led the diocese (no real surprise there; small bodies often have less "dead wood"). We were 'really ginnin' with new building construction last year.

Since Robinson, however, I have noticed a dramatic drop off in attendance, we're losing families -- some who are saying so -- who have been with the parish for 20 years or more. And I notice the deficit on the financials posted in the parish hall are growing steadily month by month.

Our building program was based on the idea that our parish would HAVE to grow numerically to discharge the debt. We got into the new building on Christmas Day, 2002. Believe me, on the back side of Robinson's consecration, any prospects for growth in this part of the world have evaporated."

Perhaps Bishop Don Wimberly can make them a loan from diocesan funds. It's the least he can do to keep the bank from foreclosing on the buildings. Revisionists take note. This is not untypical.

BUT NOT TO BE OUTDONE, some thirteen groups of Episcopalians who disagree with conservatives opposing the Episcopal Church's acceptance of gay clergy and same-sex unions will hold their first national meeting in Atlanta next month. Organizers say they expect about 40 people from the groups plus three members of the national church's executive council to attend. The executive council members will observe, but not participate in, programs or panels during the gathering March 25th to March 27th. Virtuosity will apply to attend and will give you an insiders look at what is going on. They have two options: triumphalism or despair. Take your pick.

BUT 815, THE CHURCH'S NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS IS ALREADY INTO damage control. Dan England, the Episcopal Church's communications director and foremost spinmeister has come out with a statement saying "some people seem to want to start a war, but we're not going to show up." Really. Virtuosity takes a hard look at that incredibly stupid statement. Saying there is no war going on is like saying the Holocaust never happened.

AND AT THE DIOCESE OF TEXAS CONVENTION reported on in the last digest, Lyn Reavis writes, "your comments on the Diocese of Texas and Don Wimberly (aka Wimperly) are accurate. Although not a delegate, I was there to man the Scouting booth at the convention. Within eyesight of integrity's "hate free zone", I had more priests and delegates visit with us than in many previous conventions. What you did not report was Asst. Bishop of Austin (TX) comments at the opening services asking the "conservatives not to play god" at the convention. At that point several delegations and their clergy walked out of the opening service. They left rather than be at the same table with DoT's new revisionist bishops." Reavis said that fear of electing a revisionist executive board and standing committee members kept them [the orthodox] in the meeting.

AND IN THE DIOCESE OF OHIO comes this from a reader. "The Rev. Zev Rosenberg resigned as rector of St. Paul's, Canton effective February 14. He's returning to Judaism and to their seminary. But he'll stay on at the parish until AFTER Passover Week." This raises the question as to why this man who now no longer believes in the Lord of the Passover is allowed to perform sacramentally during this sacred season now that he has dumped the Christian Faith! Why didn’t the bishop act to remove him?

FROM THE DIOCESE OF WEST TEXAS sources tell Virtuosity that Frank Griswold invited himself to the consecration of Gary Lillibridge, and it was the reason Ugandan Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi decided not to go.

IT WILL COME AS NO SURPRISE THAT V. GENE ROBISON SUPPORTS GAY marriages in the State of Massachusetts. But in an article "Same-Sex Union Controversy Moves Into New Hampshire" a Times Staff Writer quotes Robinson as saying that same-sex marriage "poses no threat to the freedom of religious bodies in this state."

The article then refers to Robinson as "the head of the Episcopal Church in North America." He may wish he was, but Frank Griswold has not relinquished the title.

Said Robinson, "Isn't it a shame that some religious people are actually working against those who would pledge fidelity and love" in same-sex unions?"

LAMBETH COMMISSION MOVES TO SECOND STAGE. Following the first meeting of the Lambeth Commission (the new name for the Archbishop's/Eames Commission) on Anglican Life at Windsor, the Commission has re-focussed it's agenda to move forward in its discussion of the issues arising from the actions taken by New Hampshire and New Westminster dioceses.

IN TODAY'S STORIES, you can read the positive upbeat story FAITH ALIVE! A story like this gives one hope that all is not lost despite the spiritual carnage going on at the present time. There are more stories from dioceses like West Texas and Central New York. A story out of England, "The Significance of Bisexuality - shedding light on the nature/nurture debate" by Peter May raises questions about the significance of bisexuality. It highlights, for instance, that Ancient Greek & Roman cultures did not have gay/straight terminology in their language. They viewed people as being simply ‘sexual’, expressing their sexuality in a variety of different ways. The language of preference, of learned behaviour patterns and addiction makes much more sense of the observed realities of sexual behaviour than talk about orientation. An excellent read.

The Mel Gibson movie THE PASSION has provoked a storm of criticism as it heads into theaters today. But of the some 40 articles this writer has read, none has touched on the truly sensitive statement uttered by the mob, "His blood be upon us and upon our children." Virtuosity commissioned the Rev. Dr. Joseph Murphy an Episcopal theologian
living near Chicago and teaching at Wheaton College, Illinois to take a long, hard look at that verse in Matthew's gospel. What he has written is a sound piece of scholarship, thoughtful and compassionate that we can all take to heart.

A NEW COLUMNIST JOINS THE RANKS OF VIRTUOSITY TODAY. Dr. Cheryl H. White, Ph.D. is professor of history at Louisiana State University in Shreveport and who serves on the vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. She is a frequent guest lecturer on topics related to church history and Reformation studies, and is a member of the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. Her major fields of study and research are early Anglicanism and historical catholicity. We are delighted to have her on board and you can look forward to regular columns from the pen of Dr. White. WELCOME.

ONE MILLION HITS. Later this week Virtuosity's website will cross a threshold. The One Millionth hit will occur and if you are that person please drop me a line and I will send you a Virtuosity Coffee Mug.

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All Blessings,

David W. Virtue DD

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