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Grandson of Guinness beer founder shares what must be done to save American freedoms

Grandson of Guinness beer founder shares what must be done to save American freedoms

October 9, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) -- Os Guinness joins Jonathon Van Maren on this week's episode of The Van Maren Show. Guinness is an author and commentator who has written over 30 books that have had a profound impact on the American political conversation. And yes, he is the great, great, great grandson of Arthur Guinness, the famous Dublin brewer.

Guinness was born in China during World War II to medical missionaries. He was an unwilling witness to the Chinese Revolution of 1949, when Mao Zedong forced communism into China with his takeover. By 1951, Guinness was in England, completing his undergrad degree at the University of London.

Van Maren and Guinness begin their discussion by talking about the notion of freedom, specifically in America. Guinness outlines the three challenges that freedom has, which he says the American Founders understood. The first is winning freedom (the American Revolution in 1776). The second is ordering it or giving it political framework (the Constitution in 1787). Finally, the third is sustaining it -- which has been the challenge of centuries. Guinness says the best way to achieve sustainable freedom is through what he calls the Golden Triangle of Freedom. This states that freedom requires virtue, virtue requires faith, and faith then requires freedom.

Each of these ideas is under assault in America (and around the world!). Guinness states that the chaos of the French Revolution is playing itself out in America today, and is threatening to prevail worldwide. "And that will be disastrous for freedom. That's why it is so important that Americans realize where we are... and don't throw away their heritage!"

Guinness ends with a little advice for young people in America, as they look to arm themselves for upcoming struggles. "We are responsible for our response to the times in which we live. And what does it mean to be faithful in this particular time." He recalls the Apostle Paul's statement about serving a purpose in this generation. Guinness states that's what we're called to do: Serve God's purpose in our time. "Respond with all the faith, obedience, and courage, remembering that God is greater than all. Have faith in God and do all you can."

Van Maren's conversation with Os Guinness is uplifting while dealing with the current state of American politics, freedom, and culture. Guinness has wisdom from his decades of writing, research, and experience. That wisdom needs to be shared far and wide. Be sure to listen to the episode and share with your friends and family.

You can watch the interview here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/grandsonof-guinness-beer-founder-shares-what-must-be-done-to-save-american-freedoms

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