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Former lesbian explains why she left same-sex relationship after going back to church

Former lesbian explains why she left same-sex relationship after going back to church

May 20, 2019

A woman who had a lesbian partner has opened up about why she ended the relationship after coming back to church four years ago.

Sarah Sedgwick, who shared her testimony in a Christian Institute video, said her life had been turned around after stumbling upon a Christian radio station.

The song and teaching programme she heard on the radio re-kindled her interest in the Christian faith that she had grown up with.

Meeting God came as a complete surprise to her because she believed she was "really unlovable because of my sin".

"I wasn't looking for God at the time", said Sarah.

She says that at first, she tried to be a gay Christian, growing in her rediscovered faith while maintaining her same-sex relationship.

But as she studied the Bible further, she became convinced that God's design for relationships was between a man and woman.

"I've looked at everything that man has to say," she said, explaining that after praying about the issue over time, she became increasingly convinced that to be a Christian, she "needed to be obedient".

Although it was "very difficult", she ended the relationship with her partner.

"I gave my life to Jesus and that was incredible, it was like a weight lifted and I just knew that I'd done the right thing," she said.

Following her conversion, she is encouraging people currently in a same-sex relationship to "seek God", "read his word" and "pray to him".

"Jesus helps you overcome temptation" and when we come to him and say 'this is my struggle', God is good to see you through that," she said. "There is hope".

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-61Buc9-ug


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