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Florida Delegates Once More Object to Charlie Holt's Election Win

Florida Delegates Once More Object to Charlie Holt's Election Win

By David W. Virtue, DD
December 2, 2022

One more time, a group of delegates to the Diocese of Florida's recent Nov. 19 election have rejected Charlie Holt's election, snatching victory from the orthodox wannabe bishop. They have filed objections over what they call election procedures, describing the election as "fundamentally unfair".

A previous election was voided due to similar objections, but these technical objections are a smokescreen to hide the truth that a small group of pro pansexual delegates do not want someone who is orthodox in faith and morals to be their bishop.

Charlie Holt's future is once again up in the air.

Some 25 angry delegates delivered a five-page letter dated Nov. 28 outlining their concerns which included material error in voting not disclosed nor discovered until after the election.

• Disparate treatment of similarly situated clergy with cure in violation of TEC Canons materially affected the outcome of the election.

• Duly elected lay delegates were disenfranchised by last minute rules changes in violation of Diocese of Florida Canons, depriving them of seat, voice, and vote.

• The diocese's own rules were not followed.

• The election process was fundamentally unfair.

• You can view it here: https://www.diocesefl.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/November-Objection-Letter.pdf

Straining at gnats and swallowing camels comes to mind. The gnat of electoral procedure vs the camel of homosexual marriage. Piling it on and hindering due process comes to mind.

Once more the diocese will be forced to go through canonical procedures that could take weeks if not months to sort out. The letter shared by the diocese includes the signatures of 29 clergy and lay delegates.

In their email, the diocese's standing committee and chancellor said they would "respond to the objection letter soon" and that they had submitted it to the office of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, as required by church canons.

Curry will submit the complaint to the churchwide Court of Review, which has 30 days to investigate and write a report. Once the report has been completed, the Court of Review's report will be sent to all diocesan standing committees and bishops with jurisdiction.

If a majority of both groups issue consent within 120 days, the bishop-elect can then be consecrated.

But Holt has come under fire for statements he allegedly made about blacks and his personal objection to homosexual marriage.

The church's pro-sodomite caucus said Holt's views on same sex marriage and comments about LGBTQ people and black people had them apoplectic. Never mind that a group of black pastors in the Sanford area publicly supported him. The Rev. Lowman J. Oliver of St. Paul Missionary Baptist church wrote saying that Holt's support in the Trayvon Martin murder solidified his friendship with Holt. "Holt demonstrated to me a scholarly man and possessed a love of God and humble spirit...I have no hesitation as a black clergyman to support his consideration for bishop!"

Revisionists still want him gone. The deeper truth is, that this election is about a clarion call to accept homosex, the communion-splitting behavior that has the Archbishop of Canterbury apoplectic.

Average Sunday Attendance in the Diocese of Florida has dipped below long-term sustainable levels. In 2020, ASA fell by 4.5% to 4,902. In 2021 it fell to 2,306 a total loss of 34.7%.


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