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By Philip Rosenthal
February 27, 2019

Biblical Christians are often bullied into silence in the public arena, when confronted with feminist attempts to label all opposition as sexism or misogyny. But let's challenge them on the consistency of their own position. What do feminists believe about abortion, sexual exploitation, modesty, transvestite men, jobs, parties, tolerance, gender roles, immigration, violence, marriage and the unfinished gender revolution?


* A girl is FREE is she aborts her unborn baby because her boyfriend pressurises her to do so to avoid child support, but its OPPRESSIVE PATRIARCHY if her father tries to stop such a guy from dating her.
* Its not okay to DISCRIMINATE on the basis of gender, except when deciding to abort an unborn baby to get better financial support later in life.
* Women are free to choose abortion, but doctors are not free to CONSCIENTIOUSLY OBJECT to abortion.
* Mothers PREGNANT OVER 40 must be counselled for abortion against the risks of keeping their baby, but counselling against the risks of abortion is oppressive.
* HANDICAPPED people must not be discriminated against, unless they are unborn.
* Its FREEDOM of CHOICE to have an abortion, but its OPPRESSIVE to require a cooling off period or information on alternatives.
* Its oppressive to show women pictures of unborn babies because it may TRIGGER trauma with women who have had abortions, but we should not STIGMATISE abortion which is the same as any other medical operation.
* Western military are guilty of WAR CRIMES if their bombs accidentally kill babies, but that is a fundamental right to do right up till birth and even if the baby is accidentally born alive.
* An unborn child is only a 'BABY' if she is wanted, otherwise she is a 'fetus' and the word 'baby' is offensive.
* If you are PRO-LIFE then you HATE women, even those most pro-life activists are women and most aborted babies are women.
* If a man speaks for the pro-life cause then he is a misogynist but if he speaks for abortion, then he is pro-women.


* Its not okay to sexually EXPLOIT women, except the movie industry can do that as much as they like.
* Sexual grooming of girls to take away inhibitions is CRIMINAL, but its fine if you do it as part of SEX EDUCATION in schools or broadcasting on movies.
* A NEWSPAPER is pro-women if it supports feminist abortion, grammar & employment quota politics, no matter it advertises sexual exploitation in the classified section.
* You have a right to have sex with whoever you want, however you want, so long as both parties CONSENT. But now that the patriarchal idea of marriage before sex is rejected, how do you prove consent? What is it now? Where exactly is the boundary between sexual freedom and jail time? Not sure. If you don't feel good about it the next day?
* Men and women have a right to drink and get drunk at the same venues. And how do you prove consent when one or both parties are DRUNK? Don't know. Cannot possibly challenge the right to have sex before marriage, the right to get drunk or drink alcohol at mixed venues. Such ideas are off limits.
* The solution to RAPE is to change gender power relations. Power structures are to blame for rape and patriarchy needs to be destroyed. Reforming the 'sexist' use of grammar and gender pronouns will stop rape. Despite statistics showing the risk is highest for women in their early twenties, and drops off as fertility declines, rape cannot possibly be motivated by LUST, because that idea would undermine sexual liberation and the feminist agenda to reform gender power structures. Similarly any data linking pornography to abuse of women must be ignored, because that would lead to a restriction on freedom.
* It is perfectly okay for a Hollywood director to require an actress to display her nude body in public in a film in order to get a part, but it is an outrage if he expects her to do the same with himself in private.
* PROSTITUTES get abused by their clients and sometimes by the police, so we should call it 'sex work' and legalise this commercialised exploitation of women and the cheating on wives.


* Its OPPRESSIVE to tell girls to DRESS MODESTLY, but also OPPRESSIVE if guys comment on such immodesty or are forward with those who do.
* Publishing pictures of immodestly dressed girls in a mens magazine is exploitative, but feminist actresses who dress immodestly to get attention are SEXY role models.
* It's fine for feminists to dress immodestly to attract attention to their protests and by some miracle this will lead men to treat them with more respect.


* Men should not use their strength advantage to dominate women, except if they are TRANSVESTITE men competing in women's sport.
* Men should respect women's privacy - except TRANSVESTITE MEN are allowed in women's bathrooms and night shelters.


* A woman is FREE when she works to help her boss, but OPPRESSED if she works to help her husband.
* Gender QUOTAS are needed to ensure equal representation in tech, management and labour jobs but not in caring and teaching jobs.
* Adult women should have freedom of choice to pursue CAREER SUCCESS, but not little girls who prefer more time with their mommy.
* Women should do exactly the same PHYSICAL WORK and jobs and men even though men have almost double the physical strength.
* While pursuing career success to compete with men, women should suppress and ignore their biological clock and gender differing fertility statistics.
* In the interests of EQUALITY, men and women should be placed in close proximity in mixed units and jobs in intimate situations 24/7 on duty in tanks and guard duty in the MILITARY, but we should be surprised and outraged if women get abused as a consequence.
* Women should have equal share of HIGH PAYING JOBS, but the rights of married women who prefer their husband to earn more so they can spend more time with kids is not important.
* Even though women VOTERS are more likely to vote for a male political leader, political parties must to put forward half-women candidates.
* Even though TOP EXECUTIVES need to be aggressive, unpopular and have little family time - traits only a small minority of women have or prefer, and few men want in a wife, half of top executives must be women otherwise it is JOB DISCRIMINATION.
* A tech man who writes an article arguing that MEN PREFER TECH jobs more than women and thus employment policies aiming for equal representation are irrational - is sexist and must be fired.


* Its criminal sexual harassment if a girl gets inappropriately touched at a party, but an OPPRESSIVE PATRIARCHY to try stop girls going to parties and bars where men are getting drunk.


* Those who disagree with feminism are TRIGGERING anger and so feminists are not responsible for whatever they do in consequence.
* Everyone must be TOLERANT, except feminists will not tolerate anyone disagreeing with them.


* The Titanic ship in 1909 was discriminatory where the women got into the lifeboats and the men drowned, but the Scandinavian ferry in 1994 where the men got into the lifeboats and the women drowned is a free and enlightened society.
* It's wrong and patriarchal for older men to teach young men how to be MEN, but why are the young men not interested in commitment, marriage and family anymore?
* Men and women must BEHAVE exactly the same, even though both genders find 'gender-opposite' qualities more ATTRACTIVE.
* Its romantic for a man to lead on the DANCE FLOOR, but SEXIST for him to do so anywhere else.
* In the interests of equality, a woman should keep using her FATHER's family name (which she did not chose) after getting married instead of using her HUSBAND's family name (who she did choose).
* Women-only organisations promote women's rights but men only organisations are sexist and should not be allowed.
* Despite every other culture we know of in the history of the world promoting sex within marriage between a man and a woman, with the HUSBAND LEADING - we are more advanced - our generation will get right what none of these other cultures ever did before.


* Whenever a woman is hurt by a man, then RELIGIOUS/ PATRIARCHAL/ BIBLICAL MEN are to blame, even though almost all the hurt is caused by men disobeying the Bible.
* CHURCHES that reserve eldership/ pastorate for men only are oppressive even though young adult women prefer to join such churches, rather than egalitarian ones.


* Western men should treat women equally but its racist for Westerners to judge how women are treated in ISLAMIC COUNTRIES OR COMMUNITIES.
* Men trying to protect their own women by limiting mass IMMIGRATION of men from a different culture & religion with different beliefs & practices about women is racist.
* If such immigrant men do abuse women, then those who point it out are racist. The different culture can't be blamed.


* Men should NEVER PHYSICALLY HURT women, but "50 Shades of Grey" is a great romantic story because the girl signed consent.


* Feminists tell men that "A woman needs a man like a FISH NEEDS A BICYCLE", but if a man abandons a woman with a child because he says she doesn't need him - then "ouch" - not feminists but patriarchal men are to blame.
* NO-FAULT DIVORCE makes women free of patriarchy - but not feminism's fault our generation our generation has more single moms without the help of a husband than ever before.


* Now some self-identified feminists are going to say "I don't agree with all the above", but they don't realise they got left behind by the revolution. Feminism doesn't and never has had a majority among women let alone men, but it does know how to create fear and harass its opponents - and if you don't keep in step with the elite, its next target will be you.
* Feminism reserves the right to keep ADDING NEW BELIEFS you must hold to, to keep up with the gender revolution - otherwise if you question the new beliefs, even if you used to support the old agenda, you are no longer in with the elite and are now the enemy.


In some senses, the 2010s "Me-Too" movement is the feminist movement going full circle and suddenly waking up to the consequences of its 1960s 'sexual freedom' ideological idea that contraceptives free women from the consequences of sex. But they don't have an answer. Instead of questioning their own foolish ideological assumptions, they express more outrage at patriarchal culture - while it is actually their culture which has gone dysfunctional. We need the courage to say it. Marriage is the boundary.

Philip Rosenthal is the director of the public advocacy group, ChristianView Network in Cape Town, South Africa

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