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MAIL: 4800 Dupont Avenue
South Minneapolis, MN 55409 USA
(612) 824-3933


The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen has been working for the preservation of the historic Anglican Way since 1976 and is a unifying catalyst for Anglican traditionalists.

The Fellowship continues to make available:

AUDIO TAPES that are clear copies of the 1977 Congress of St Louis as recorded by the late Russell B Joseph - now in a two-tape set ($14.00 per set - postage included)! By 'em now. You won't be sorry.

The Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen was founded over 25 years ago in response to the putative "ordination" of women clergy by a bishop in the Episcopal Church USA, the authorization by that jurisdictions's general convention of further such "ordinations", and the adoption of a prayer book, which was politically and feminist-correct, to displace the historic liturgy found in the Book of Common Prayer.

As a response in 1977, the Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen sponsored a Congress in St Louis, Missouri. There, nearly 3000 people took steps toward providing a refuge for Christians who had been abandoned by the Episcopal Ch urch USA and the official Anglican Church of Canada. The Congress also adopted the Affirmation of St Louis as a statement of essentials of continuing Anglicanism. A year later faithful bishops consecrated four men as bishops as a means of continuing the Anglican branch of the Church - a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Anglican Continuum today includes bishops consecrated in the succession of those pioneers as well as other faithful men originally consecrated in the Anglican Communion. The Fellowship continues to work as a support group for Anglicans who continue orthodox Anglican Christianity.

In 1976 few could have imagined how far from Christianity the Episcopal Church USA would have wandered from guidance offered by the Holy Spirit. The evidence is clear at this writing in November of 2003 that the Fellowship is the confederacy of jurisdictions that offers Episcopalians (those of who value t he Word of God) a venue that is faithful to Christ and familiar in worship. The reader is encouraged to join with the Fellowship in prayer and find a continuing Anglican parish in which to worship our Lord.

At the bottom of this web site and you will find a link to hundreds of traditional Anglican or Episcopal parishes that offer valid sacraments by re al priests, parishes that continue the worship of God and adhere to Scripture.

If you would like to join the Fellowship: Annual dues are $35.00 US for individuals and $45.00 for married couples.


Members receive a copy of the Directory of Traditional Anglican and Episcopal Parishes.

To join, send a check or money order in the amount of the dues to the Fellowship's mailing address. It is:

Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen
4800 Dupont Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55409-2326

Please include the declaration requested below:

"I agree with the purposes and goals of the Fellowship of Concerned Churchme n and the Affirmation of St Louis. I will work and pray for unity and harmony among traditional Anglicans."

____________________________ Signature

Membership application should include the following information:

Your name________________________,


Telephone number_________________________,

e-mail address_________________________,

Your parish name and location__________________________________________________,

(Optional): name of jurisdiction to which you belong (ex: ACA, APCK, EMC, UAC, etc.)_________________________.

Contact the Fellowship!

Rev'd Scott Kingsbury [ACA], President 4510 Finley Avenue Los Angeles CA 90027 (626) 398-7935

Wallace Spaulding, Vice President [ECUSA,FiF/NA] 1206 Buchanan St, McLean VA 22101 (703) 356-7291
Donald de Kieffer [ACC], Secretary 729 Fifteenth Street, NW Washington DC 20005 (202) 783-6900
Mr D J Fulton CPA [APA], Treas 9489 Brown Rd Jonesboro GA 30238 (770) 961-4200

Other Members of the Board of Directors: Fr William E Bauer FODC PhD, Fernley, Nevada [EMC] RevE28099d Dr Robert Bowman, Little Rock, Arkansas [REC,FiF/NA] The Rev'd Michael Cochran, Reynoldsburg, Ohio [EMC] The Rev'd David Kennedy, Lantana, Florida [ECUSA, FiF/NA] Mr Gary Pinhero, San Diego, California [APCK] The Rev'd Elijah White, Hamilton, Virginia [ECUSA, FiF/NA] Mrs. Jeanne Wooley, Colorado Springs, Colorado [ACA]

The Fellowship assists faithful Anglicans and Episcopalians to find traditional worship, real priests and valid sacraments by publishing the Directory of Traditional Anglican and Episcopal Parishes. The directory lists 1,000+ parishes, missions, and congregations in the USA, Canada, and other countries, with current information available about addresses, telephone numbers, service times, and officiating clergy. The 2003 edition of the Directory has been purchased by 219+ individuals (this is in addition to the directories that went out to each dues-paying member).

Order a Directory. Send $35.00 to:
Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen
MAIL: 4800 Dupont Avenue South,
Minneapolis, MN 55409.

Conferences of Traditional Anglicans

If you are a member of a continuing parish and have news of a local or regional conference or other function, please contact the FCC webservant at the email address on the bottom of this site

It's TIME to get serious about confederacy or jurisdictional UNITY. You can help by petitioning our Lord for such unity. Links

Continuing Church Jurisdictions include:

American Anglican Church
Anglican Church in America
Anglican Church Inc.
Anglican Catholic Church
Anglican Province of America and Reformed Episcopal Church
Anglican Province of Christ the King
Episcopal Missionary Church
Holy Catholic Church, Anglican Rite
Southern Episcopal Church
United Anglican Church
United Episcopal Church of North America

More Resources:

Forward in Faith, North America

Click here for links to hundreds of Anglican parishes which offer a traditional Holy Eucharist, maintain a traditional male Priesthood and provide valid Sacraments.

If you are a member of the Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen and do not see the jurisdiction to which you belong listed or mentioned on this site, please contact your webservant, Fr. Bauer, at the email address below. Please mention the FCC in your email.

For information contact: bauerfam@oasisol.com


1928 BCP Congregations in the United States of America

If you would like your parish to be included in this directory - and you are the rector, priest or deacon in charge - simply email us, including your URL, and say, "Please add my parish to the 1928 BCP list!" We will then verify your information and add you to the list.

In order to be included in this list, your congregation must have a web page on the Internet. (If your parish does not have a posted web page, forministry.com offers free web sites for churches, and allows the parish to make its own design, etceteras.)

NOTE: Being included in this list means only that a congregation uses the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. For more information on a particular congregation, be sure to closely examine their website, telephone or E-mail them with you r questions BEFORE attending.

For a list of the various jurisdictions, denominations and affiliations, which are represented in this listing, scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Saint Andrew's, Atmore (ACC) St Bede's, Birmingham (APCK) Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Huntsville (ACA) St. Charles. King and Martyr, Huntsville (APCK) Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Madison (UECNA) Church of the Holy Comforter, Montevallo (APCK) Saint Timothy's Mission, Mobile (APCK) St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Church, Montgomery (EMC) St. Anne's Anglican Church, Pelham (APA) St Francis at the Point, Pt Clear (TPEC)


Anglican Church of the Redeemer, Fairbanks (ACA) Saint Andrew's Anglican Church, Wasilla (AEC)


Christ Church, Carefree (APCK) Anglican Church of the Holy Nativity, Payson (ACA) Church of the Ascension, Payson (APCK) Church of the Atonement, Fountain Hills (APCK) Anglican Church of the Epiphany, Phoenix (ACA) American Anglican Mission Phoenix (AAC) St. Alban's Anglican Church, Peoria (ACA) St. Paul's Anglican Church, Prescott (ACA) Saint Nicholas Church, Scottsdale (APCK) Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, Sedona (DBS) St. John's Parish Church, Sun Lakes, (ACA) Holy Cross Church, Tucson (EMC) St. Judes Tucson (AAC)


St. Alban's Anglican Church, Little Rock (EMC) Blessed Sacrament, Little Rock (ACC)


Holy Family, Arcata (APCK) St. Peter's Anglican Church, Auburn (ACA) St Joseph of Arimathea, Berkeley (APCK) All Saints, Burlingame (APCK) St Augustine of Canterbury, Chico (APCK) Trinity Church, Castro Valley (APCK) St Martin's, Concord (APCK) All Saints' Anglican Church, Fountain Valley (ACA) Holy Apostles, Glendale (APCK) St. Augustine's Anglican Church, Hollister (AEC) St Mark's, Larkspur (APCK) St Francis of Assisi, Livermore (APCK) St. Mark's Anglican Church, Loomis (ACA) Saint Andrew Anglican Church, Los Alamitos (IND) Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Lost Altos (IND) Anglican Church of Our Saviour, Los Angeles (APCK) St. Mary of the Angels Church, Los Angeles (ACA) Saint John's Chapel, Monterey Holy Trinity Church, North Highland (APCK) Saint Benedict, Oakland St Stephen's, Oakville (APCK) St Luke's Church, Redding (APCK) St. Mary Magdalene, Orange (ACC) St. Matthew's, Newport Beach (ACC) All Saints Anglican Church Pinon Hills (AAC) St Luke's Church, Redding (APCK) St Mary the Virgin, San Diego (APCK) St Thomas, San Francisco (APCK) Christ Church Parish, San Mateo (ACC) Church of our Saviour, Santa Barbara(APCK) Saint Elizabeth's Anglican Church, Saratoga (APA) St George's Anglican Church, Ventura (AEC)


Grace & St Stephen's Parish, Colorado Springs (ECUSA) St. Athanasius Anglican Church, Colorado Springs (ACA) St Aidan's, Colorado Springs (APCK) Ascension, Fort Collins (APCK) St. Mary's Church, Denver (ACC) St. Francis of Assisi, Estes Park (ACA)


Church of the Resurrection, Ansonia (APCK) Church of the Advent, Greenwich (APCK) Church of the Ascension, Manchester (APCK) St. Matthias Anglican Church, Mystic (ACA) St. Mary's Anglican Church, Salem (EMC)


Saint Paul's, Georgetown (AIC) Saint James, Georgetown (AICA) Saint Mary's Church, Wilmington (ACC)


Parish of Christ the King (APCK)


St. Cuthbert's, Boyton Beach (ECUSA) St. Peter's Church, Deerfield Beach (APA) St. Mary the Virgin, Delray Beach (APA) Advent, fort Pierce (APCK) All Saints, Gainesville (AFCC) St. Andrew's Church, Gainesville (EMC) Church of the Nativity, Jacksonville (ECUSA) Holy Trinity, Jacksonville Beach (ACC) St Francis Church, Kissimmee(APA) Guardian Angels, Latana (ECUSA) SS. Peter and Paul, Lutz (ACA) St. Paul's Church, Melbourne (APA) St. Barbara's Anglican Church. Miami (ACA) Holy Trinity, New Port Richey (SECUSA) Resurrection, Ocala (ACC) St George's Cathedral, Ocala (AFCC) Christ Church Anglican Mission, Ocala (ACA) St Alban's Cathedral, Oviedo (APA) St. Michael and All Angels Parish, Orange Park (ACA) Cathedral of the Incarnation, Orlando (ACA) St Matthew, Orando (ACC) Holy Spirit, Palm Springs (APCK) All Saints Parish, Palatka (ACA) Saint Michael's Church, Panama City (ACC) St John the Theologian, Pompano Beach (ACC) St Charles Borromeo, Pompano Beach (ACC) St Paul's, Port Charlotte (APCK) St. Luke's Church, Port Orange (APA) St. Stephen's Church, Sarasota (APA) Christ Church, St Augustine (EMC) Saint Philip's Anglican Church, St Petersburg (APA) Church of All Saints, Port St John (APA) Saint Andrew's, Tallahassee (ACC) St Matthew's Church, Riverview/Tampa (APA) Saint Paul Theological College Chapel, Spring Hill (IND) Saint Mark's Church, Vero Beach (APA) Saint Augustine of Canterbury, West Palm Beach (ACC) St Mary's Winter Haven (APCK)


St Alban's, Albany (ACC) St Stephen's, Athens (ACC) St. Hilda of Whitby, Atlanta (ACC) Church of the Holy Spirit, Augusta/Grovetown (EMC) St Luke, Augusta (ACC) St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Blue Ridge (EMC) St. Alban's Mission, Brunswick (ACA) St. George's Parish, Columbus (ACA) St Barnabas Anglican Church, Dunwoody/Atlanta (APA) St Andrew's, La Grange (APCK) All Saints, Macon (ACC) Our Redeemer, Marietta (ACC) St. Francis Anglican Church, Morrow (ACA) Saint John's Church, Savannah (ECUSA)




St. Nicholas Anglican Church, Bloomington (ACA) All Saints, Naperville (APCK) St. John's Anglican Church, Quincy (ACA) All Saints Mission, Springfield (SECUSA)


St Andrew's Church, Franklin (ACC) Christ the King, Hobart (ACC) Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Indianapolis (APA) St Edward the Confessor Pro-Cathedral, Indianapolis (ACC) Holy Trinity, Peru (ACC)


Holy Innocents Anglican Church, Bettendorf (ACA) St. Mark's Anglican Church, Cedar Rapids (ACA) St. Aidan's Anglican Church, Des Moines (ACA) St. Thomas of Canterbury, Dubuque (ACA)


St. Alban's Anglican Church, Lenexa (ACA) Trinity Anglican Church, Prairie Village (ACA) St. Augustine's Anglican Church, Topeka (ACA) St. Thomas Becket Episcopal Church, Wichita (EMC) KENTUCKY St. Mary's Anglican Church, Ashland (ACA) St John the Evangelist, Dayton (ACC) Bethlehem Priory, Lexington (ACC) Church of the Good Shepherd, Louisville (EMC) Grace Episcopal Missionary Church, Louisville (EMC) Grace Church, Louisville (APCK)


St. Athanasius Anglican Church & Retreat Center, Covington (AAC) Saint Mary the Virgin, Houma (ACC) Holy Trinity, Lafayette (ACC) Church of the Resurrection, Natchitoches (ACC) Christ Church, New Orleans (ACC) Church of the Epiphany, Shreveport (ACC)


St. Francis' Mission, Augusta (ACA) Deblois Mission, Deblois (ACA) St. Thomas Anglican Church, Ellsworth (ACA) St. Paul's Anglican Church, Portland (ACA)


Saint Paul's Anglican Church, Annapolis/Crownsville (AIC) Holy Saviour Anglican Chapel Baltimore (AAC) St Anne's Church, Charlotte Hall (ACC) St Mary the Virgin, Clinton (APCK) St Michael the Archangel, Fredrick (ACC) Saint Alban's Church, Joppa (APA) Mount Calvary, Lothian (AIC) St Matthew's, Seat Pleasant (ACC) St George's, Temple Hills (ACC) St Stephen's, Timonium (ACC)


Incarnation, Cambridge (APCK) Saint Botolphs Church, Boston (ACC) St Alban the Martyr, Clinton (APCK) St. Matthew's Anglican Mission, Brookline (ACA) Holy Cross Community Chapel, Danvers (CEEC) St. Columba's Anglican Church, Dudly (ACA) St. George's Anglican Church, Easthampton (ACA) St. Stephen's Anglican Church Lowell (AAC) St. Paul's Anglican Church Malden (AAC) St. Mark's Anglican Church Middletown (AAC) Church of the Holy Spirit, Pepperell (APA)


St Patrick's, Comstock/Kalamazoo (ACC) Parish of St Paul, Grand Rapids (ACC) Holy Trinity Anglican Parish, Hillsdale (EMC) Mariners Church, Detroit (IND) Saint John's Episcopal Church, Detroit (ECUSA)


Anglican Church of our Lord and Saviour, Mankato (CEEC) St. Dunstan's Anglican Church, Minneapolis (ACA) St. Andrew's of the Lakes, Tower (AAC) St. Luke's Anglican Church, St. Paul (AAC)


St. Andrew's Anglican Chapel Biloxi (AAC) St Stephen's Episcopal Church, Flowood (AFCC) St. Luke's Anglican Church, Gulfport (APA) St. George's Anglican Church, Pass Christian (AAC) All Saints Chapel, Starkville (ACC) Saint Stephen's Church, Vicksburg (ACC)


St. John's Anglican Church, Kansas City (ACA) St. Luke's Anglican Church, Springfield (ACA) Cathedral Church of St James, Saint Louis (AAC) Anglican Mission, St. Ann (AAC)


St Matthias' Church, Hamilton (APCK)


Holy Cross, Omaha (APCK) St Joseph of Arimathea, Lincoln (APCK)


St. Edward's Anglican Church, Las Vegas (ACA) Chapel of Christ the King, Fernley (IND) St. Columba's, Fernley (EMC)


St. Luke's Anglican Church, Amherst (ACA) Church of the Good Shepherd, Charlestown (ACA) St. Margaret of Scotland, Conway (ACA) St. Michael's Anglican Church, Holderness (ACA) St. Andrew's Anglican Church Nashua (AAC) St John's Anglican Church, Rochester (ACC) Trinity Anglican Church, Rochester (ACA) St. Elphege's Chapel, Winchester (ACA)


St Augustin's Church, Elizabeth (APA) Sts. Stephen & Paul Anglican Church, Matawan (ACA) Saint Stephen the Protomartyr, Plainfield (DR)


St. John the Evangelist, Gallup (ACA) Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Hobbs (ACA)


St. Joseph's Anglican Church, Brooklyn (ACA) Good Shepherd, Cuba (ACC) Trinity Anglican Episcopal Church, Gloversville (ACTA) Saint Thomas of Canterbury, Halfmoon (ACTA) St. Winifred's Anglican Church, Hollis (ACA) Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Huntington Station (ACA) Blessed Sacrament, Liberty (ACC) St Mary the Virgin, Lverpool (APCK) St Mary Magdalene, New York City (APCK) St. Peter and St. Paul's Anglican Church, Oakdale (AAC) St. Andrew's Anglican Mission Ossining (AAC) Church of the Rock Episcopal Church, New Rochelle (IND) Holy Innocents Scarborough (AAC) St Alban's, Schyler Lake (APCK) St. Elizabeth's Anglican Church, Tuxedo (ACA) Holy Cross Anglican Church, Webster (ACA)


All Saints Anglican Church, Arden (APA) All Souls' Church, Asheboro (APA) St. Peter's Anglican Church, Canton (ACA) St Benedict's, Chapel Hill (ACC) St. Michael the Archangel, Charlotte (APA) St Mark's, Durham (APCK) Church of St John the Evangelist, Greensboro (APA) St Bartholomew's, New Bern (ACC) Bishop Stephen Neill Memorial Chapel, Ocracoke (EMC) St George's, Raleigh (APCK) Christ the King Church, Salisbury (APA) Annunciation, Statesville (ACC)



Parish of St Mary, Akron (ACC) St. Paul's Anglican Church, Cincinatti (APA) Parish of St James, Cleveland (ACC) St. Anne's Anglican Church, Columbus (REC) Christ Church Anglican, Columbus (EMC) All Saints, Dayton (ACC) All Saints, Janesville (ACC) Holy Nativity Church, Lima (APA) St John's, Menomonee Falls (ACC) Resurrection, Mentor (ACC) Ascension, Rushville (ACC)


Good Shepherd Anglican Church, Edmond (EMC) Anglican Church of the Holy Cross Oklahoma City (APCK) Saint Thomas the Apostle, Oklahoma City (EOC) St. Augustine of Canterbury, Tulsa (ACA) All Saints, Tulsa (APCK)


St. Paul's Anglican Church, Bend (ACA) Saint Andrew's, Jacksonville (ACA) St Andrew's Chapel, Jacksonville (APCK) St. Margaret of Scotland Anglican, Lake Oswego (ACA) Prayer Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi, McMinnville (EMC) Pro-Cathedral of St. Mark, Portland (ACA)


St Therese of Lisieux, Easton (APCK) Saint James, Erie/Edinboro (ACC) Holy Spirit Parish, Hatfield (ACA) All Saints, Lancaster (ACC) Church of the Evangel, Narbeth (AIC) Anglican Church of Philadelphia (CIBPC) St Thomas of Canterbury, Philipsburg (ACC) Transfiguration, Phoenixville (APCK) Church of the Incarnation, Quakertown ( HCC) Saint Alban's, State College (ACC) St Alban's, State College (APCK)


Saint John the Evangelist, Newport (ECUSA)


All Saints, Aiken (APCK) St Timothy's, Charleston (ACC) Church of the Epiphany (APCK) Our Saviour, Florence (ACC) Christ the King, Gaffney (AFCC) Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Greenville (AFCC) St Luke's, Landrum (APCK) Church of the Redeemer, Hilton Head (APA) Saint Francis Anglican Church, Spartanburg (AFCC) St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Tri-Cities Area (EMC) St John's, Westminster (APCK)


Lakota Deanery, Kyle (ACA)


All Saints, Chattanooga (ACC) Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Clarksville (SECUSA) Holy Cross Anglican Church, Franklin (EMC) St Peter's Mission, Hendersonville (APCK) St Andrew's, Kingsport (ACC) Christ Church Cathedral, Monteagle (EMC) All Saints, Nashville (SECUSA) Faith Chapel, Nashville (EMC)


Ascension Anglican Church, Amarillo (ACA) St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Athens (ACA) St. Francis Church, Austin (EMC) St Patrick's Mission, Austin (APCK) St. Augustine's Church, Austin/Pflugerville (ACC) Church of the Redeemer, Brownsville (EMC) St Benedict's Chapel, Cameron (ACC) St Stephen the Martyr Reformed Episcopal Church, Carrollton (REC) Saint Francis Anglican Church, Dallas (HCAC) The Chapel of the Cross, Dallas (IND) St. Francis of Assisi, Dallas/Richardson (EMC) Saint Stephen's Church, Dallas/Richardson (ACC) Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Fort Worth (ECUSA) St. Antony's Anglican Chapel Houston (AAC) Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, Houston (ECUSA) Church of St Peter, Houston (APCK) Saint John's Old South Church, Houston/Richmond (ACC) St. Michael and All Angels, Houston (ACA) St. Paul's Anglican Church, Midland (ACA) St. Joseph's Anglican Church, New Braunfels (ACA) St Mary's, Plano (APCK) Round Rock (ACC) All Saints Anglican Church, San Antonio (ACA) The Anglican Chapel San Antonio (AAC) Emmanuel United Anglcan Church, Waco (UAC)



All Saints Anglican Church, Danville (ACA) Green Mountain Ministries, Plainfield (ACC) St. David's Anglican Church, Poultney (ACA)


Church of the Good Shepherd, Abington (ACC) St Andrew & St Margaret of Scotland, Alexandria (ACC) Church of the Epiphany, Amherst (ACC) St Matthias, Arlington (APCK) St Francis Anglican Church, Blacksburg (ACC) Church of the Ascension, Cape Charles (APCK) Church of the Ascension, Centreville (ACC) All Saints Parish, Charlottesville (ACA) St David's Anglican Catholic Church, Charlottesville (ACC) St. Bartholomew's Anglican Mission, Charlottesville (ACA) St Stephen's Church, Clifton Forge (ACC) St Peter the Apostle, Christiansburg (ACC) St. Luke's Anglican Catholic Church, Fredricksburg (ACC) St. Columba's Anglican Catholic Church, Lebanon (ACC) St. Paul's Anglican Catholic Church, Lexington (ACC) St John the Baptist, Marshall (APCK) Saint James Church, Mathews (APA) St Matthew's Anglican Catholic Church, Newport News (ACC) St Francis, Newport News (APCK) St Alban's, Richmond (ACC) St. Luke's, Richmond (ACC) St. Thomas of Canterbury, Roanoke (ACC) Christ Church, Warrenton (ACC


Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Redmond (ACA) St Bartholomew, Redmond (APCK) Saint Paul Anglican Church, Seattle (APA) Anglican Church of the Resurrection, Spokane (ACA) St. Alban's Anglican Church, Tacoma (ACA) Old St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Tacoma (EMC)


St. Michael the Archangel, Hinton (ACC)


Church of the Apostles, Pewaukee (APCK) St Matthew's, Custer (APCK)


All Saints, Cheyenne (APCK)


1. AAC 3D American Anglican Church
2. ACC 3D Anglican Catholic Church
3. ACA 3D Anglican Church in America
4. ACTA - Anglo-Catholic Church in America
5. AEC - Anglican Episcopal Church
6. AFCC 3D Anglican Fathers of the Corpus Christi
7. AIC 3D Anglican Independent Communion
8. AICA 3D Anglican Independent Communion in the Americas
9. APA 3D Anglican Province of America
10. APCK 3D Anglican Province of Christ the King
11. CEEC - Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches
12. CIBPC 3D Anglican Church of India
13. DBS 3D Diocese of the Blessed Sacrament
14. DR - Diocese of the Resurrection
15. ECUSA 3D Episcopal Church in the U.S.A.
16. EMC 3D Episcopal Missionary Church
17. EOC 3D Episcopal Orthodox Church
18. HCC - Holy Catholic Church (Anglican Rite)
19. HCAC - Holy Cross Anglican Communion
20. SECUSA- Southern Episcopal Church in the U.S.A.
21. TPEC 3D Traditional Protestant Episcopal Church
22. IND - Independent
23. UAC - United Anglican Church
24. UECNA - United Episcopal Church of North America


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