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Federal Court Rules Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker Can Sue Colorado for 'Anti-Religious Bias'

Federal Court Rules Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker Can Sue Colorado for 'Anti-Religious Bias'

By Amanda Casanova
Religion Today Contributing Writer
January 8, 2019

A federal court has ruled that Colorado Christian baker Jack Phillips may continue to sue the state in a claim that says the state had an "anti-religious bias" against him.

ADF Senior Counsel Jim Campbell, who is representing Phillips in the case, said the state acted in "bad faith" when it ruled against him in previous litigation. Phillips is the Colorado baker who famously refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple in 2012.

In a ruling last week, U.S. District Judge Wiley Daniel said Phillips can continue to fight the state over claims of bias.

"The same agency that the Supreme Court rebuked as hostile to Jack Phillips has remained committed to treating him unequally and forcing him to express messages that violate his religious beliefs," Campbell said.

"We look forward to moving forward with this lawsuit to ensure that Jack isn't forced to create custom cakes that express messages in conflict with his faith."

In June 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the state of Colorado showed an anti-religious bias when the state courts ruled to punish Phillips for refusing to make a same-sex wedding cake.

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