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December 14 2004 By virtueonline Blue America: The land of the easily offended - by Dennis Prager

Liberals regularly portray as offended women, African Americans, Jews, American Indians, gays and every other group liberals declare a minority, i.e., any group that votes Democrat -- no group that votes Republican, such as Mormons, Cuban Americans and Vietnamese Americans, is considered a "minority." All other groups are constantly warned that almost anything they say that is not patronizing of those groups is offensive (and therefore subject to litigation).

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December 09 2004 By virtueonline No Half Measures - by Stephen Trott

It seems to be common ground that the advent of women bishops will bring to an end the uneasy truce provided by the Priests (Ordination of Women) Measure 1993, which exploited all available room for manoeuvre to enable women to be ordained as priests. Consecrated Women? acknowledges that existing safeguards provided for parishes within the 1993 Measure will need to be repealed, in order to facilitate the ministry of women as bishops in the Church of England.

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December 08 2004 By virtueonline Bauer: Shepard's Death No Hate Crime -- How Will Media Handle News?

Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families says homosexual advocates have been rocked by this new information. "The Matthew Shepherd crime has been used by the gay rights movement as a battering ram to try to prove that America is awash with anti-homosexual hate crimes," he says, "so these new revelations that this was a run-of-the-mill crime by a couple of thugs is certainly an eye-opener."

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December 03 2004 By virtueonline Reflections on the Windsor Report and Lagos Meeting - by Bill Atwood

It is humbling to have been invited. It is also encouraging to see so many friends and gratifying to hear reports of the impact of our conferences and projects. One of the Archbishops here attended one of Ekklesia’s first conferences years ago when he was still a layman. Another Archbishop who was at that same conference as a priest said he still uses the principles he received those years ago. Many spiritual partnerships already exist, but there are real needs for more of them.

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November 20 2004 By virtueonline Bishop Parsley attempts to muzzle Uganda Primate - by Mark D. Wilkerson

Mmmm. I wonder why Orombi’s sermon might have been cut short?

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November 20 2004 By virtueonline Death by Delay / A Failure of Fortitude - by Gil Wilkes

Over the past year, Bishop Smith has taken no overt action against us and has genuinely, I think, sought to find a middle ground. The problem is that DEPO is fatally flawed, it allows an orthodox bishop to perform ceremonial functions, but all power and authority rests with the Diocesan. Additionally, DEPO, as it is structured by the HOB is temporary and is intended to result in reconciliation. Unfortunately reconciliation is understood to mean that revisionist doctrine prevails.

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November 19 2004 By virtueonline Shall We Walk Together or Walk Apart? - by Dr. Philip Turner

It is the possibility that my church, perhaps along with the Anglican Church of Canada, will (by refusing to "call a halt") make a de facto choice to "walk apart" that most deeply concerns me. It is this possibility that sets the direction of the remarks that follow. I confess that my own biography leads my thoughts and reactions to give greater weight to the health and continued existence of the Anglican Communion than to the particular internal exigencies of my own church.

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November 17 2004 By virtueonline What Do They Really Want? Values Voters & the '04 Elections - by Diane Knippers

So, what do the Christian conservatives really want?

[b]Pro-Marriage and Pro-Life[/b]
The two moral issues most highly identified with Christian conservatives are their desire to protect unborn children and their desire to protect the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. To begin with, they want jurists who faithfully interpret the Constitution and the law – not jurists who invent constitutional rights to secure their own social objectives.

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November 17 2004 By virtueonline An Eloquent and Ravishing Explosion:U2’s How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Then the stoic, folksy authenticity of “One Step Closer,” the shimmering, convicting irony of “Crumbs from Your Table,” and the glittering, expectant wisdom of “Original of the Species” transcend expectations and confirm hopes — and what else does this band trade in but hope?

Another day with the record will banish any doubt that Atomic Bomb is, song for song, a work of art: complex, gutsy, intimate, demanding, eloquent and ravishing.

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November 16 2004 By virtueonline A Jew defends the cross - by Dennis Prager

Top right: oil derricks.

Middle right: the Hollywood Bowl, along with two stars representing the movie industry and one small cross.

Bottom right: a prize cow.

The central figure, the largest object on the seal: Pomona, the Roman goddess of gardens and fruit trees.

Anything disturb you enough to demand that the seal be redesigned?

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