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September 11 2005 By virtueonline QUINCY: Bishop says GC2006 should be cut down to size

In the Acts of the Apostles we read of the ministry of deacons and the Church as a whole as it ministered to the needs of God's people. Ironically it is not until later that the Council of Jerusalem met to deal with the internal struggles of an emerging Church. What is clear, however, is that the Church was totally committed to preaching, teaching, and ministering to those who were in need.

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September 11 2005 By virtueonline Hurricane Katrina: An Act of God?

"I make peace and create evil".

"I the Lord do all these things".

Now wait a minute! God creates evil, our loving God?

Evil in the Hebrew language is "rah". The Hebrew word for sin is "chate".
"Rah" is translated 430 times in the Bible as evil, not sin.

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

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September 10 2005 By virtueonline Politicization of the Gospel - is it only the progressives who do it?

Who is Jesus in all this? He is a great teacher, example, martyr and more, but he is not the Only Begotten Son of God who took to himself human nature and flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin, and for us and for our salvation provided expiation and propitiation for our sins.

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September 08 2005 By virtueonline HOUSTON: My Experience at the Astrodome - by Howard Castleberry

These survivors weren't looters, gang members or rapists. They were like my 77-year-old in-laws or your neighbors down the street, only black and smelly and scared and tired. They were so grateful as we led them up, one at a time, into the Astroarena seats to wait for processing, only because they knew that finally someone with organization and the means to help was holding their hand and telling them they were going to be okay.

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September 07 2005 By virtueonline Rebuilding New Orleans -- and America - by Thomas Sowell

Another blackout in New York, years later, was much uglier. And what has been happening now in New Orleans is uglier still. Is there a trend here?

Fear, grief, desperation or despair would be understandable in people whose lives have been devastated by events beyond their control. Regret might be understandable among those who were warned to evacuate before the hurricane hit but who chose to stay. Yet the word being heard from those on the scene is "angry."

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September 03 2005 By virtueonline "Was Katrina Intelligent Design?" - by John Piper

No, Mr. Schorr, you have something to answer for, not God. God answers to no man. Come, Daniel Schorr, take your place with Job and answer your Maker: "The Lord answered Job [and Daniel Schorr] out of the whirlwind and said: 'Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Dress for action like a man; I will question you, and you make it known to me. . . .

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August 30 2005 By virtueonline SHALL WE STILL PROTEST? - by Paul F. M. Zahl

Let's look at this a minute. Benedict is great. We all, or almost all evangelical Christians, like what he says about most doctrines, and probably all moral teachings, of the Christian faith. A couple thousand orthodox Episcopalians who were attending an emergency conference in Dallas right after an openly gay bishop was approved by our denomination, will never forget the moment when we were called suddenly back into the hall, to hear a telegram read out from ... Cardinal Ratzinger!

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August 26 2005 By virtueonline Rick Warren: The Episcopal Church Should Welcome You!

I first met Rick (he wouldn't remember me from Adam's house cat) back in 1984. My wife and I were attending a conference in Valley Forge PA sponsored by Fuller Institute. The conference was called "How to Plant a Church". It featured the heavy-hitters of the day in the controversial church planting movement: Peter Wagner, Carl George, and a young upstart in Southern California named Rick Warren. He was a breath of fresh air.

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August 23 2005 By virtueonline WE'VE HAD DESSERT - by Charles W. Slaton

[b]PREFACE [/b]

So, my objective here is not to push others into my pit - but to point out the fact that even though our lives are varied, God and God's word have always remained the same. I have been a member of the Episcopal laity for many years - well entrenched in its style of worship. Certainly, there is not a more beautiful expression of the Christian faith found in all the world.

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