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November 17 2004 By virtueonline What Do They Really Want? Values Voters & the '04 Elections - by Diane Knippers

So, what do the Christian conservatives really want?

[b]Pro-Marriage and Pro-Life[/b]
The two moral issues most highly identified with Christian conservatives are their desire to protect unborn children and their desire to protect the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. To begin with, they want jurists who faithfully interpret the Constitution and the law – not jurists who invent constitutional rights to secure their own social objectives.

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November 17 2004 By virtueonline An Eloquent and Ravishing Explosion:U2’s How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

Then the stoic, folksy authenticity of “One Step Closer,” the shimmering, convicting irony of “Crumbs from Your Table,” and the glittering, expectant wisdom of “Original of the Species” transcend expectations and confirm hopes — and what else does this band trade in but hope?

Another day with the record will banish any doubt that Atomic Bomb is, song for song, a work of art: complex, gutsy, intimate, demanding, eloquent and ravishing.

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November 16 2004 By virtueonline A Jew defends the cross - by Dennis Prager

Top right: oil derricks.

Middle right: the Hollywood Bowl, along with two stars representing the movie industry and one small cross.

Bottom right: a prize cow.

The central figure, the largest object on the seal: Pomona, the Roman goddess of gardens and fruit trees.

Anything disturb you enough to demand that the seal be redesigned?

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November 13 2004 By virtueonline "Jawbone and Gums, but No Teeth" - by James K. McCaslin

We praise God for these two congregations: for their joyful faithfulness to Him and for their eagerness to serve the Lord through serving others.

We praise God for the time of worship we shared in both churches. And we praise God for the intercessors who prayed diligently before and during the conference.

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November 08 2004 By virtueonline PITTSBURGH BISHOP: "There will be conflict in this convention."

Jesus tells his followers plainly that they, too, will know tribulation, literally "grinding." Peace in the world has not characterized His ministry, nor will it characterize theirs. The "world" is in rebellion from the will and Word and works of God, so those who attempt to do things God¹s way will always have tribulation ­ conflict ­ in the world and with the world.

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November 04 2004 By virtueonline Spirited away: why the end is nigh for religion

It is unlikely that you, the average punter going to your aromatherapy or meditation group this evening, imagine that you are revolutionising the sacred landscape of Britain. But, little by little, you are.

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November 02 2004 By virtueonline God repents so why doesn’t the ECUSA? - by Peter Toon

In diocesan conventions and in the national convention the Bishops, clergy and lay leaders are able (but only as inspired and assisted by the grace and mercy of God) to change their collective mind both with respect to its internal working paradigm and in relation to a series of innovations introduced in recent times.

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November 01 2004 By virtueonline American Evangelicalism: A Non-Prophet Organization

You know what the church needs more than Joan Rivers needs her plastic surgeon, a case of support hose and a lifetime supply of Xanax? We need ten thousand John get-out-of-my-face-and-get-on-your-knees-before-God the
Baptists. That’s right: we need a mega-dose of truly prophetic ministers
to lead us in these days of adversity.

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October 31 2004 By virtueonline INTERIM MINISTRY, INTERIM HOPE - by Chip Nix


Taking the long view, all ministry is Interim Ministry, but the importance of the Interim time between rectors in a church's life (or as we experience today in our Denomination's life) cannot be overstated. We all feel the anxiety and the high stakes.

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October 30 2004 By virtueonline A Wasted Year: A Tragic Forty Years - by Robert Seitz

The campaign to patiently, purposely destroy the Christian Church began many years ago.

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