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March 23 2005 By virtueonline Bishop Griswold Should Resign - by Diane Knippers

By all accounts, he is a decent man, kind and thoughtful. They say he isn't much of a manager or administrator. He has a scholarly bent. He is obviously drawn to the mystical elements of faith. I could see him a chaplain at a school for boys or a theological college.

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March 23 2005 By virtueonline ECUSA May Have To Walk Apart - by Bishop Ben Benitez

The General Convention went ahead with it, and what we have right now are the consequences of what we in ECUSA have done. You may call it all negative, or declare that those in the rest of the Communion are being too negative, but the Primates of the Anglican Communion call it being faithfull, being faithful to Holy Scripture and being faithful to Apostolic Doctrine and to our Lord.

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March 22 2005 By virtueonline "Anglican Church of Canada is being lead astray," says theologian

He did affirm the autonomy of the ACC as if this excused unwillingness to be bound today by the Solemn Declaration of 1893, the ACC’s foundational document, and the refusal to take seriously the remonstrances of many Anglican leaders. He showed readiness to let what, for him, is now the established policy of blessing same-sex unions disrupt full communion within the Anglican fellowship, and did not seem to see this as an unhappy outcome.

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March 22 2005 By virtueonline "Communique is childish defiance...American power politics" - by David Roseberry

1. For ECUSA to withdraw its representatives from the Anglican Consultative Council, a key interim body of the Anglican Communion. This has, in effect, put the American Church on notice that they are "outside" the family until they decide to abide by the Anglican Communion teaching. This was a good thing.

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March 21 2005 By virtueonline Comfortless Covenant - by Geoffrey Kirk

What problem?

Why, you may well ask, was the consecration of Gene Robinson such a Communion-shattering event, and why does the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church now feel obliged to make gestures and concessions towards the rest of the Anglican Communion which it has not felt obliged to make heretofore?

These are questions for which it is hard to find a coherent answer, save only for reasons of cynical political manoeuvre.

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March 20 2005 By virtueonline COVENANT: "Buys time...falls short" - by James Stanton

The strategies listed were intended to restore the full trust of our bonds of affection across the Communion.The House of Bishops in responding as it has by this Covenant leaves this basic question still unanswered.

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March 16 2005 By virtueonline COVENANT: "Window Dressing, Politics and Deception" - by Peter Toon

It is our heartfelt desire to be responsive and attentive to the conversation we have already begun and to which we are being called and as a body offer the following points.

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March 16 2005 By virtueonline Is The Episcopal Church A Sect? - by Michael Petty

In my judgment, both the above decisions and much of the reaction to them point to our central problem, of which most of our "issues" are merely symptoms. The Episcopal Church appears to be losing her sense of what it means to be the Church and is degenerating into an American denomination or,worse, a Protestant sect. Our social prestige, entre to elite culture and our "establishment" past have blinded us to this problem and, indeed, have contributed to it.

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March 15 2005 By virtueonline Take Away The Stone - by Claudia Kalis

As parish boundaries have ceased to exist, so have Diocesan and Provincial boundaries. We are not united because we live in a particular place. We are united because we adhere to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic faith. We are united because we have embraced Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior -- the Redeemer of the World.

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March 14 2005 By virtueonline FLORIDA: "Out of the depths we cry" - Bishop Cavilcanti

The authorities of the Church are insisting on the formalities, in the external matters, in the legal procedures, but the reality is that those things are not central, are not essential. The Cross of Christ is the Center. The Words of Christ is the center. The demands of Christ is the center. We are today just a week from Holy Week. We are following the steps of Christ, listening to His message, watching his miracles on the way to the Cross, but also on the way to the empty grave.

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