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September 20 2021 By dvirtue What should we make of the Church in Wales' gay marriage blessings?

There are at least three reasons for this. The first is the very powerful current of secular culture; the second is the obscurity of language where words have multiple meanings; and the third is confusion over what the spiritual significance of sex and sexual acts are.

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September 20 2021 By dvirtue OBSERVATIONS

The second mark of these early believers was their embrace of the teachings of Christ. I use the word "embrace" advisedly as this was not mere intellectual assent to the reality of the life and teaching of Christ. They actually believed that his life was to be imitated and that his teaching was to form their lives and to inform their behavior. As a result of this, the Early Christians were renowned for their kindness and the measured tone of their discourse.

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September 10 2021 By dvirtue Amid Covid Surge, Loved Ones Worry for These Unvaccinated Evangelicals

According to Michelle, they have been staunchly opposed to masks since the pandemic's early days, and when they both contracted mild cases late last year, it only served to validate their denial of Covid-19's danger. Michelle has pleaded with them to listen to the warnings and advice of epidemiologists and public health officials, but her advice has gone unheeded, further straining her already tense relationship with them.

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September 06 2021 By dvirtue The Disillusionment of Millennial Evangelicals

Intellectual Reasoning or Gut Instincts?

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September 04 2021 By dvirtue WHAT IS AN EVANGELICAL?

There are three ways of defining and counting U.S. evangelicals: by belief, by church affiliation and by self-identification. Shoemaker's analysis, which is open to some nitpicking, started from the belief aspect and a four-point definition by historian David Bebbington in his 1989 work "Evangelicalism in Modern Britain."

In summary, these are his criteria:

1) a high view of the Bible as Christians' ultimate authority

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September 03 2021 By dvirtue Harvard: From Promoting Christ to Promoting an Atheist Chaplain

The Daily Mail writes: "Greg Epstein, 44, who was raised in a reformed Jewish household in Queens, New York, was named president of the chaplains for the religious community at the school after serving as Harvard's 'humanist chaplain' since 2005."

They add that Epstein will be overseeing "40 university chaplains, who lead the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and other religious communities on campus."

No Transcendent Accountability

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September 03 2021 By dvirtue Experiencing God as Your Father

The Apostle Philip said to Jesus, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us" (John 14:8). For us to be transformed, it is enough for us to experience the Father at deep and abiding levels - for it is from that relationship that all of the meaning of life flows. Consequently, we must pursue Him through worship and prayer--pouring out our love for Him and receiving into ourselves the confidence and assurance of His love for us.

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September 02 2021 By dvirtue To Whom Shall We Go?

Several weeks ago I quoted again in our AAC weekly update Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, who stated that there will be a new generation of "refugees" from the current metaphysical-sexual expression culture we now live in. Yes, there will be refugees--because turning in on yourself and pursuing your own sexual desires as a fundamental liberty never ends well (See Romans 1:18-32 for a picture of what that looks like).

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August 25 2021 By dvirtue J. I. Packer's Final Words to the Church

For many who had appreciated and benefited from James Innell Packer's writing ministry--the author of more than 300 books, journal articles, book reviews, dictionary entries, and innumerable forewords--this was saddening news.

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August 24 2021 By dvirtue After the betrayal of democracy in Afghanistan, will other countries in the region ever trust the West again?

This is, indeed, what happened. The Soviet threat was contained and, in fact, led to the dismemberment of the Soviet Union itself but, since then, extremist Islamism has flourished both in the region and more widely than that.

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