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November 08 2018 By dvirtue What does the Oxford Ad Clerum mean?


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November 08 2018 By dvirtue Amidst all the buffoonery, Trump is right to reject the Palestinian definition of 'refugee'

The justifications for these cuts are quite straight-forward, obvious, and observable by examining the use to which the money is put. The funding directly benefits Hamas, which is illegal under US law. The funding has been diverted to support and sustain offensive actions against Israel. But the most significant aspect of the funding is that it perpetuates the refugee situation by providing the Palestinians an indefinite means of support.

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November 08 2018 By dvirtue Tim Keller on Evangelicals and Politics, Social Justice, How Churches Should Treat Non-Christians

"God wants us to treat people of different races and faiths in a way that is respectful, loving, generous, and just," wrote Keller in the newly released book.

In an Oct. 29 interview with The Christian Post, Keller explained that as a pastor, he has preached on Jonah multiple times over the years, with the application of the message changing from time to time.

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November 06 2018 By dvirtue What will be the cost of discipleship for confessing Anglicans in Oxford Diocese

Before looking at the implications of the Oxford bishops' letter, it is important to define what a Confessing Anglican is. It is an Anglican Christian worshipper who believes ex animo in the historic Reformed Catholic teaching of the Church of England as expressed in its 39 Articles of Religion, Book of Common Prayer and Ordinal.

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November 02 2018 By dvirtue Secularism on the March: The Abolition of Marriage and Family

First of all, I am a son, a husband, a father, and a grandfather. I used to boast at UCU about having an "African family." We have five children and seven grandchildren, with more, we hope, to follow. We have an African daughter-in-law (from Kenya) and an African granddaughter (from Uganda). Peggy and I celebrated our fortieth anniversary at UCU in 2007 -- I preached a sermon to the students then -- and we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary a year ago August.

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October 31 2018 By dvirtue Frankenscience

Well, why not? This new field of Frankenscience is already creating a host of "chimeras" in the lab -- combining human-pig embryos, for example -- perfect for Halloween, wouldn't you say? Or perhaps a troubling sequel to "Back to the Future"?

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October 31 2018 By dvirtue Stephen Sizer: Christian Support for Zionism is a Danger

Sizer has drawn criticism from the Board of Deputies of British Jews for alleged anti-Semitic views and comments; including sharing a web site over social media in 2015 that asserted Israel was responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Sizer later issued an apology, and an investigation by his Church of England diocese resulted in the Anglican clergyman directed to suspend use of social media for a period of six months.

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October 23 2018 By dvirtue THE IDENTITY POLITICS OF HEAVEN

While a few fortunate customers are reunited with long-lost relatives, most people, in return for paying for the privilege of giving their most private, personal data – their DNA – to a giant online company, are content with gaining some exciting trivia about their ethnic ancestry to share with friends.

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October 17 2018 By dvirtue Commentary on GAFCON's "Letter to the Churches"

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll, who served as Convener of the Statement Group, offers commentary on the Letter to the Churches, section by section, along with insights into how it was produced, edited, and approved joyfully by the entire Assembly.

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October 17 2018 By dvirtue Faint praise for GAFCON offers no solutions for the C of E or the Communion

Professor Bray sketches a theory whereby for decades at the height of British global expansion, the really committed and single-minded Christians went overseas, leaving behind the effete, the conformist, the 'rakish'. This is updated to a comparison of committed global South Anglicans of today, often ministering in dangerous and needy contexts, with the secularized and lukewarm Church of England.

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