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Excommunicated Anglican Bishop in Malawi Demands $1 million US to Leave

Excommunicated Anglican Bishop in Malawi Demands $1 million US to Leave

By Godfrey Olukya
VOL African correspondent
November 27, 2022

The Anglican Bishop in Malawi who was recently excommunicated, has demanded $1 million US before leaving the church premises.

The Rt. Rev. Brighton Malasa has reportedly ignored an order evicting him from the diocesan office and church properties issued by the Church of the Province of Central Africa.

According to the media in Malawi, three weeks after he was deposed from office by the primate, the Most Rev. Albert Chama, the Rt. Rev. Brighton Malasa has maintained possession of the diocesan properties.

Last month on October 23, Archbishop Chama wrote to Bishop Malasa stating he had been excommunicated for violating the provincial constitution and canons. This came after a provincial-ordered audit found Bishop Malasa had abused his office and the province's House of Bishops gave him six months to leave office in April.

In his response, Bishop Malasa said unless he was paid 1 million US dollars as a buy out, he would not leave church premises. He said that was his right under the provincial canons.

Reports from the Archbishop Chama's office indicate that Bishop Malasa had requested to meet Bishop Malasa on October 14 and 15, 2022 but he did not show up. That led to the archbishop excommunicating him.

In response, earlier this month, Bishop Malasa filed suit in the Malawi courts to block his removal from office. He claimed that the action was illegal under canon law. In his lawsuit he seeks payment in full for his salary and benefits until age 65 although he is currently 46 years old.

The media quoted him saying, "I will not vacate the house within 48-hours as demanded., unless all issues are addressed, because these are my rights. It shall be good if the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire is compliant with all the guiding policies including the Laws of Malawi," the former bishop said in a statement given to media.

One of the Anglican priests in Malawi, the Rev. Samuel Kirenga said that it is unfortunate that some Church leaders are behaving in such an unlikely manner to the extent of ignoring instructions made by the archbishop.


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