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EXCLUSIVE: The Head Of A Christian Texas School (Episcopal) Told Kids The Church Is 'Normalizing Same-Sex Relationships

EXCLUSIVE: The Head Of A Christian Texas School (Episcopal) Told Kids The Church Is 'Normalizing Same-Sex Relationships'

April 13, 2022

The head of an Episcopal church school in Texas told students that the church is embracing LGBTQ ideology and "normalizing same-sex relationships," according to an audio recording obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

David Baad, the Head of School at the Episcopal School of Dallas (ESD), encouraged students to "affirm" the identities of the "LGBTQ" ideology in the name of the Episcopal Church, according to the audio recording. Baad evoked a quote from the Episcopal church's Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who appears on CNN's "Don Lemon Tonight."

"[Homosexuality] is an issue about which the Episcopal church has taken a very clear position," Baad said. "Mike Curry ... has a quote that sums it up ... 'LGBTQ siblings, we stand with you in this moment. And we continue to affirm that you are, and always have been, a blessing to our church. But, above all, you are children of God.'"

"This includes normalizing same-sex relationships, so that gay couples are comfortable being out among us in the same appropriate ways that heterosexual couples are," Baad continued.

Baad is one of several administrators and teachers pushing an ideology on students and online. ESD's Rev. Nate Bostian authored a blog on the cohesion of the Episcopal Church and controversial "diversity, equity, and inclusion" ideology. Bostian encouraged readers to look at the work of Cornel West and Ibram X. Kendi -- two race-essentialism ideologues -- for more information.

Teacher Jenn Jarnagin posted several tweets berating white people, according to screenshots obtained by the Daily Caller.

"Will my dream of throwing 90% of straight white men into the ocean ever be a reality?" Jarnagin tweeted.

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