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Ex-Gay Anglican Blogger Says Archbishop Welby’s Gay Secretary Blocks Information

Ex-Gay Anglican Blogger Says Archbishop Welby’s Gay Secretary Blocks Information to ABC
Welby’s secretary deliberately blocks anti-gay correspondence he doesn’t want Welby to see, blogger charges

By David W. Virtue DD
May 30, 2014

An ex-Gay Anglican blogger in England is charging that Archbishop Justin Welby’s secretary is gay and is deliberately blocking correspondence that might help gays break free of homosexuality from the evangelical archbishop.

The blogger is Phelim McIntyre http://aflame.blog.co.uk/ who describes himself as an ex-gay who once worked in gay youth groups and support groups for those who are HIV positive before his own surprising change in orientation. He wrote in his blog post that he was forced to speak out when Archbishop Welby came out in support of an organization known as Stonewall whose anti-gay bullying resources conceal its true agenda -- pushing homosexuality contrary to church teaching and statements from General Synod.

McIntyre says that while he is opposed to bullying of all types, Stonewall’s position on homosexuality is in opposition to the traditional teaching of the Church, as well as the statements from General Synod.

“Stonewall's resources are contrary to science as it speaks of homosexuality as unchanging and fixed when research shows us that 98% of those who identify as homosexual at the age of 16 identify as heterosexual at the age of 17. Stonewall's resources run the danger of forcing a sexual identity on young people before their sexual identity is actually fixed.”

McIntrye, 42, charges that Stonewall classifies as homophobic any teaching that is not pro-gay, including deeply held religious views and views on the dangers of gay sexual practices obtained by careful study of the research, thereby stifling any discussion on the subject.

“By emphasizing the issue of homosexual feelings Stonewall gives the impression that this is worse than other types of bullying.”

McIntrye said he tried to get in touch with Archbishop Welby and warn him of the dangers of Stonewall’s real agenda, but got stonewalled by Andrew Nunn, the Archbishop's correspondence secretary. He described Stonewall as an “unrighteous gatekeeper”.

“I asked Archbishop Welby to consider alternative resources, and I provided introductory information about the Acception course (http://www.acception.info/APCirriculumPreview.pdf). I also asked whether it would be possible to meet up with him or a representative to discuss my concerns and alternative resources.

“After a couple of months I emailed Lambeth Palace to check for a response. What I received was a curt email from Dr. Welby's correspondence secretary stating that no meeting could be arranged and that my concerns would not be considered. When I emailed to explain my concerns, from personal experience, I discovered that the gentleman who replied to me was not only openly gay but also aggressively anti-ex-gay. (VOL has since learned that the man in question is Andrew Nunn). My letter and the preview of the Acception Course had not even reached Dr. Welby or his team because his correspondence secretary had deemed it unsuitable - despite it dealing with all bullying and being closer to both the science and the position of the Church of England.”

McIntyre said that after an exchange of emails, he decided to share the conversation with a number of contacts within the Church of England. “With my permission this was passed on to someone who was on General Synod who has started asking questions about what it going on. But the response I got from my contacts was a ‘so that's why everything we have sent on this subject doesn't get to Dr. Welby’."

Organizations such as Christian Concern have asked their members to write to Dr. Welby to complain about the use of Stonewall's resources in Church schools. If my experience is anything to go by, those letters with be "filed" in the bin.

Lambeth Palace spokesman Ed Thornton said the archbishop would not comment.

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