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Episcopal Homosexual Bishops meet with Welby online ahead of Lambeth Conference with no push back from the ABC

Episcopal Homosexual Bishops meet with Welby online ahead of Lambeth Conference with no push back from the ABC

By David W. Virtue, DD
January 12, 2022

Four gay and lesbian Episcopal bishops, along with two from Anglican dioceses in Canada and Wales, spoke with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby on Jan. 11 by zoom in what they described afterward as "a very Christ-centered meeting." This was preparation for attendance at the Lambeth Conference in late July and early August, according to a report published by the Episcopal News Service.

According to the homosexual Bishop of Missouri, Deon Johnson, the LGBTQ bishops initiated the meeting. When ENS inquired with their dioceses, the other bishops declined.

"On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, some of the LGBTQ Bishops within the Anglican Communion had a very Christ-centered meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, which was very fruitful as we make our way towards the Lambeth Conference 2022," Johnson's post said. "In our meeting, we had an opportunity to hear and share stories that allow us to continue to walk in love. We are grateful to the archbishop and his staff for their time and compassionate listening."

In the screengrab of the meeting, Welby was joined by Bishop Anthony Poggo, his adviser on Anglican Communion affairs, and Philippa Park, the Anglican Communion program coordinator. ENS sought a comment from Welby but had not received a response from his communications team by the time ENS's story was posted.

Begging the question how "Christ centered" was it when Christ himself said that he recognized sex only between "male and female" (Mark 10:6-9), acknowledging that he got the idea from His own Father as recorded in Gen.1:26-28; "So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." God created us in his image as male and female. In common parlance, Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

To call this encounter "Christ-centered" is blasphemous and should be a wake-up call to Global South and GAFCON bishops that Welby will clearly welcome them all to Lambeth later this year in defiance of Resolution 1: 10, which he hoped to avoid by playing up climate change as the focus of the conference. Who knows, perhaps Welby will make a cameo appearance at the opening queer Eucharist of homosexual and lesbian bishops which will be held prior to the formal opening of the Lambeth Conference.

In early 2019, Welby said the spouses of homosexual spouses would not be invited to Lambeth. When a storm of criticism erupted, Welby defended the decision by saying he saw it as a way to balance the divisions in the communion. What Welby feared, and with good reason, is that many Global South fence-sitting orthodox Anglican provinces who reject homosexuality would not attend Lambeth. GAFCON bishops had already said they would not attend.

The Episcopal Church House of Bishops issued an initial statement in March 2019, saying it was "aggrieved and distressed" by Welby's decision, though a majority of the bishops still planned to attend Lambeth Conference. The bishops' follow-up message in September 2019 said each will engage in "faithful soul-searching" on how they will respond, reported ENS.

"The community of bishops and spouses supports and stands together in solidarity with each of our brothers and sisters in this Episcopal Church as they make these decisions according to their conscience and through prayerful discernment and invite the siblings of The Episcopal Church to join us in that solidarity," the House of Bishops' statement said.

The action, or perhaps more accurately inaction of Welby not slapping down this heretical group of bishops speaks volumes about what he truly believes and where he is taking the Church of England.

There is little doubt now that progressives and progressive values have won the day in the Church of England. They will wrap up their victory with full homosexual marriage inclusion and the next Lambeth Conference will rubber stamp it. The cultural steam roller will not be stopped, the catholic and evangelical wings of the C of E have all been squashed.

Those remaining might want to think about bailing.

Jesus did not bend to cultural pressure, Welby has.

The six bishops included New York Assistant Bishop Mary Glasspool, Maine Bishop Thomas Brown and Michigan Bishop Bonnie Perry. Bishop Kevin Robertson of Canada's Diocese of Toronto and Bishop Cherry Vann of Wales' Diocese of Monmouth also participated.


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