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The Episcopal and Roman Catholic Churches Intersect on Pansexuality with Devastating Consequences

The Episcopal and Roman Catholic Churches Intersect on Pansexuality with Devastating Consequences

By David W. Virtue, DD
October 31, 2018

The truth can no longer be ignored or suppressed; The Episcopal Church and the Roman Catholic Church now find themselves being destroyed by sexual behaviors that Scripture, history and church tradition has for centuries proscribed and condemned.

Fundamental differences and similarities should be noticed. The Episcopal Church began a long journey towards embracing homosexual acceptance over forty years ago by Dr. Louie Crew who pushed his behavior onto the Church through the bishops and then the seminaries. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, aided by a growing and progressively sympathetic culture.

Over time the Episcopal Church fully embraced not only homosexual and lesbian behavior, it embraced a staccato of sexualities - LGBTQI - that now defines the Church. Each successive general convention pushed the boundaries to pansexual acceptance.

The full embrace came with the elevation and consecration to the episcopacy of Gene Robinson a man who had divorced his wife to live with a man, marry him, then divorce him which prompted over 100,000 Episcopalians to leave the Episcopal Church and form the Anglican Church in North America.

It has been a no-win situation for the Episcopal Church who believed then and still believes that by embracing pansexuality, ginned up with calls for revival in the name of inclusion, diversity and anti-racism training, that this would somehow jump start the Episcopal Church and the red doors would see tens of thousands of millennials flooding pews. This at least has been the hope of PB Michael Curry who delivered a pop love sermon at a royal wedding. His sudden fame garnered for him an international platform that should have seen an influx of secularists to see the Episcopal Church in a positive light. It never happened.

Who in their right mind would join a church of aging, dying Episcopalians who can barely remember the words of the creed and who say the liturgy like dead men walking.

Now we turn to the Roman Catholic Church. For centuries that Church has said that homosexual behavior is "intrinsically disordered". This was and is still the church's official position.

But for decades in the USA and around the world, priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals were violating that commandment about sex, committing homosexual acts against a preponderance of pre and post pubescent young men, covering up their crimes to gullible Catholics who could not believe that was happening. Then when things got uncomfortable and people began to ask questions, they shuffled these same priests around dioceses to hide their homosexual sin.

These deviant behaviors were silently legitimized by cardinals, archbishops and bishops, coming to a head first in Massachusetts resulting in more than 270 priests (not including 70 visiting clerics) being exposed as sexual abusers with Cardinal Bernard Law fleeing the country, seeking the protection of the independent Vatican city-state.

From there it has escalated, with recent revelations in eight Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania of 300 priests caught in homosexual abuse acts, this time with victims coming forth on national TV to tell their stories.

Then the lid came off the pansexual pot with the announcement this week that the federal government had issued a RICO complaint against the entire Roman Catholic Church demanding all the documents that dioceses have on sexual abuse be retained with a demand that no evidence be destroyed.

If this goes forward, as it seems it will, it could mean the entire unravelling of the RCC in America with properties being sold to pay the millions of dollars in lawsuits to abuse victims. Dioceses will go bankrupt with the whole edifice likely to crumble to the ground. The RCC in America will take generations to recover.

One Church -- The Episcopal Church - embraced pansexuality with disastrous consequences. It will be out of business in little more than a decade, it's foremost statistic now being the growing number of funerals.

The Roman Catholic Church (and evangelicals) know that ontologically and as an order of creation, homosexuality is prohibited, it is a salvation issue, the practice of which will determine your eternal destiny. While its practice is rejected, the Catholic Church now faces charges of hypocrisy that allowed the behavior to carry on without exposure, affecting the lives of thousands of young men which could result in massive lawsuits resulting in the bankruptcy of entire dioceses. Doubling down on all this is the small handful of orthodox catholic leaders who are being sidelined by the Vatican because they refuse to bow the knee before a conflicted pope whose own behavior has been called into question when he was Archbishop Bergoglio of Buenos Aires.

Both churches have reached a cross roads, each has now intersected with the other over pansexuality and both churches are suffering because of it. Homosexuality is a metastasizing cancer in both churches.

God is using the state to punish the Catholic Church. God's wrath against the Episcopal Church is to let it decline into irrelevance, while its leaders pour millions of dollars into lawsuits to retain parishes that will, in time be sold off. Millions more is being spent to jump start an ailing denomination but it is not working. Death is inevitable.

You cannot violate the moral order and not pay the consequences. God is not mocked. Both churches have sown to the wind and are now reaping the whirlwind. Unrepentant sin brings forth death both spiritual and physical. Great has been the fall.


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