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ECUSA: Orthodox Clergy Give Input to Eames Commission


Special Report

By David W. Virtue

Orthodox Episcopal clergy across the US can now give input to the Lambeth (Eames) Commission and speak directly to the commissioners with their views and opinions as the report is being shaped.

The Letter to the Eames Commission is the brainchild of Canon David Roseberry, rector Christ Church, Plano, one of the largest orthodox parishes in ECUSA. (You can see and sign the petition at www.virtuosityonline.org)

“I felt that the voices of thousands of clergy should be heard,” said Roseberry to Virtuosity. “With the advent of the INTERNET that is now possible. We strongly urge all those clergy who grieve over the state of Anglicanism in North America and who oppose the recent actions of General convention to write and tell the commission.”

“We are deeply grieved over the state of Anglicanism in North America. It is being torn apart through actions that we thoroughly oppose. We repudiate the decision of the 2003 General Convention's consent to, and the subsequent consecration of, a non-celibate homosexual to be a bishop of the church. We reject the acceptance and promotion of same-sex blessings as part of the common life of our church. These introduced unbiblical and immoral teaching into the church, have jeopardized our common witness, and have brought into question our standing in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.”

“We want to see a roll back of the pansexual agenda in ECUSA. We have called upon the leadership of the church to repent of and reverse these unbiblical and schismatic actions, but to no avail. These actions are harming the pastoral and evangelistic ministry that we lead and will prove fatal to the unity of the church.”

The most recent plan proposed by the Episcopal House of Bishops to provide delegated Episcopal oversight is inadequate because all of the power remains with the revisionist bishops. It does not acknowledge the depth of the crisis facing our Church, it deals insufficiently with Episcopal pastoral care of faithful congregations and clergy, and it fails entirely to address such issues as ordination, the calling of clergy, church planting, finances or property, he said.

“We appeal to you and your commission for your urgent assistance in the restoration of biblical orthodoxy and unity. Without the imposition of discipline, the situation will only continue to deteriorate. We ask you to declare the need for immediate intervention to establish discipline, order, and accountability for the Episcopal Church.”

“We are greatly heartened to know that so many of our brothers and sisters in the Anglican Communion are standing with us at this time. While the situation here is painful, it is encouraging to know that the things we believe are the norm in most of the communion. The prayers and support of faithful people around the world strengthen us and their fellowship is a joy and witness to us. We appeal to you to protect these relationships in your final report to the Primates of the Anglican Communion.”

Several hundred clergy have already signed the statement, and we expect thousands will as time proceeds, said Roseberry.


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