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ECUSA: Church Annual Blasts Robinson Consecration


News Analysis

By David W. Virtue

An editorial in the 2004 Episcopal Church Annual blasts the consecration of openly homoerotic bishop V. Gene Robinson, describing it as an act that is “tearing at the very fabric of the Episcopal Church.”

The Church Annual is the statistical bible and reference book of the Episcopal Church containing in more than 500 pages the most comprehensive, updated reference book available on the Episcopal Church listing names and addresses of 17,300 Episcopal clergy, 7,300 Episcopal parishes and missions, and hundreds of church-related organizations.

The Morehouse Publishing editorial said that few events in recent church history have had the impact that this decision has made on the church and the polity of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

“The controversy has been brewing for many years, not only in the Episcopal Church but in most major denominations and, for that matter, society at large.”

“Yet the decision of the General Convention 2003 to approve the election of Gene Robinson as bishop [has] set in motion a series of events that seem to tear at the very fabric of the Episcopal Church.”

“Can the Episcopal Church continue to be the wide tent, embracing such diverse points of view even on the most fundamental question of the authority of Scripture? Can the Episcopal Church truly respect and honor fellow spiritual travelers who honestly see things differently?”

The editorial bemoaned the current situation arguing, “Some would despair at what appears to be an impossible situation. How can we find common ground?”

In a flight of spiritual fantasy, the editorial then says, “who is to say then where all this will lead? Whatever happened and what is yet to come, we must believe, belongs in God’s hands. Who are we to presume to know what things our God has in store for us?”

Schism perhaps?

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