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Culture Wars
November 15 2005 By virtueonline Shouldn't Christians Know Better?

Today, almost any fabrication about Jesus Christ can be published and offered for sale, with a host of dubious "modern scholars" testifying to its possible authenticity, and can quickly run to the top of the best-seller lists, put there in part through the ignorance and gullibility of devout and committed Christian people.

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November 09 2005 By virtueonline Reflections on the Revolution in France - by Daniel Pipes

These issues include a decline of Christian faith and the attendant demographic collapse; a cradle-to-grave welfare system that lures immigrants even as it saps long-term economic viability; an alienation from historic customs in favor of lifestyle experimentation and vapid multiculturalism; an inability to control borders or assimilate immigrants; a pattern of criminality that finds European cities far more violent than American ones, and a surge in Islam and radical Islam.

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November 07 2005 By virtueonline Wake up, Europe, you've a war on your hands

"French youths," huh? You mean Pierre and Jacques and Marcel and Alphonse?

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November 07 2005 By virtueonline United Methodist Church Deals Multiple Blows to Homosexual Agenda

Another of these cases involved a conservative Virginia clergyman, Pastor Ed Johnson, who had been suspended without pay for denying church membership to an unrepentant homosexual. Johnson was serving as senior pastor at South Hill (Virginia) UMC up until last June, when he was required to take an involuntary leave of absence.

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November 04 2005 By virtueonline Backward, Christian Soldiers - by Joseph Loconte

Instead, al Qaeda is likened to the Irish Republican Army. As the bishops put it: "Terrorism, however destructive, has to be understood, first of all, in political terms." The real problem, they imply, is U.S. foreign policy, and the solution is "a political settlement" that "meets some of the terrorist concerns."

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October 31 2005 By virtueonline Births to Unmarried U.S. Women Set Record

But last year teens accounted for just 24 percent of unwed births, down from 50 percent in 1970, she commented.

The increases in unmarried births have been among women in their 20s, she said, particularly those 25 to 29.

Many of the women in that age group are living with partners but still count as unmarried mothers if they haven't formally married, Ventura noted.

The 20s are the prime childbearing years, regardless of whether the mother is married or not, she said.

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October 25 2005 By virtueonline How staged sex crime fooled Supreme Court

What the journalist-turned-prosecutor-turned-judge-turned-journalist found, after interviewing most of the key players, including those in the Texas homosexual subculture that produced the case, is that the Supreme Court, possibly for the first time in history, ruled on a case "with virtually no factual underpinnings."

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October 20 2005 By virtueonline Hate-Crimes Legislation Arrives at Senate

The hate-crimes legislation, which was approved by the House in September on a vote of 223-199, is attached as an amendment to an otherwise good bill - the Children's Safety Act.

That act, which is intended to protect children against violent and sexual crimes and create a sex-offender registry, is worthwhile, according to Bob Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute.

However, the hate-crimes amendment is offensive.

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October 19 2005 By virtueonline Are gay priests the problem?

It is not enough to point to the recent John Jay College study that found most of the victims of clergy abuse since 1950 were adolescent boys. Revelations concerning seminary life in recent decades have given sufficient impetus to pursue an extensive evaluation of the institutions that train and educate future priests, especially when it comes to the issue of homosexuality.

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October 12 2005 By virtueonline Homosexual Issue Plagues Denominations

The convention upset conservatives, however, by refusing to vote for a resolution that would remove the ambiguity from the denomination's regulations regarding whether or not a minister could bless same-sex unions.

Episcopal Church in USA (ECUSA)

The fallout from ECUSA's 2003 consecration of openly homosexual Rev. Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire continues to roil the denomination, home to 2.5 million of the worldwide Anglican Communion's 77 million members.

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