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Culture Wars
February 20 2006 By virtueonline Special treatment or just common courtesy?

However, he may soon find his hopes for the protection of Muhammad are fulfilled in the wake of the international response to the Danish cartoons of the Islamic prophet, a response which appears to have been not only orchestrated but deliberately aggravated.

The worldwide responses to the cartoons have raised two questions.

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A similar incident of near-simultaneous explosions at Iraqi churches happened on Sunday 1st August 2004 during the time of the evening service. Four churches in Baghdad and one in Mosul were bombed on that occasion, with some 15 fatalities.


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February 12 2006 By virtueonline FIRST-PERSON: Why I won't see Brokeback Mountain

They suggested that my viewing the movie would be beneficial in responding to the reporter's questions. I told them and the reporter that my going to see Brokeback Mountain would be similar to asking a former alcoholic to go to a liquor store to buy his neighbor a toddy for the body.

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February 10 2006 By virtueonline Islam's Uncertain Future

[b]You distinguish between two kinds of Shari'ah, or Islamic law, as understood and implemented by Muslims worldwide. What are they? [/b]

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February 08 2006 By virtueonline Cartoons and Islamic Imperialism - By Daniel Pipes

Germany's Die Welt newspaper hinted at this issue in an editorial: "The protests from Muslims would be taken more seriously if they were less hypocritical. When Syrian television showed drama documentaries in prime time depicting rabbis as cannibals, the imams were quiet." Nor, by the way, have imams protested the stomping on the Christian cross embedded in the Danish flag.

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February 07 2006 By virtueonline First they came for Israel, then they came for America...

First they came for Israel, and we didn't speak up because we weren't Jews. Then they came for Lebanon's Christians, and we didn't speak up because we weren't Maronites. Then they came for America, and we didn't speak up because we weren't Americans. Then they came for Sudan's blacks, and we didn't speak up because we weren't Sudanese blacks. Then they came for us, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for us.

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February 03 2006 By virtueonline NBC Offends Christians Again

To read the complete story, visit CNSNews at the following link:

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January 31 2006 By virtueonline Homosexuality: A public health disaster

Murdock also dismissed the notion that same-sex marriage has any negative influence on traditional marriages or the nuclear family, or that "tradition and social values alone" can bolster what she deemed a "discriminatory statutory classification."

Regrettably, such rationale neglects one of the most critical elements in the emotionally charged debate over same-sex marriage and homosexual behavior in general - public health.

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January 13 2006 By virtueonline NBC's desperate Episcopalians

Are there enough ridiculous, plastic characters in this spectacle yet? No, apparently not. Daniel's brother-in-law escapes town with the church treasury, but his wife and the church secretary have gone from a menage a trois to a saucy lesbian relationship. To find said brother-in-law, Daniel seeks out "Father Frank," an Italian Catholic priest who (no stereotypes here?) uses his Mafia contacts to hunt down the missing money, so the mob can compromise Daniel.

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January 03 2006 By virtueonline PERSECUTION NEWS FROM AROUND THE WORLD - 2006

Ghorban became a Christian more than ten years ago while in Turkmenistan. On returning to Iran he brought several friends and relatives to Christ and became pastor to a small convert church in his home. He had received several death threats from Islamic extremists to force him to stop sharing his faith.

Pray for peace for Ghorban's widow and four children in their grief. Pray for protection of all Christians in Iran.


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