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Culture Wars
October 25 2005 By virtueonline How staged sex crime fooled Supreme Court

What the journalist-turned-prosecutor-turned-judge-turned-journalist found, after interviewing most of the key players, including those in the Texas homosexual subculture that produced the case, is that the Supreme Court, possibly for the first time in history, ruled on a case "with virtually no factual underpinnings."

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October 20 2005 By virtueonline Hate-Crimes Legislation Arrives at Senate

The hate-crimes legislation, which was approved by the House in September on a vote of 223-199, is attached as an amendment to an otherwise good bill - the Children's Safety Act.

That act, which is intended to protect children against violent and sexual crimes and create a sex-offender registry, is worthwhile, according to Bob Knight, director of the Culture and Family Institute.

However, the hate-crimes amendment is offensive.

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October 19 2005 By virtueonline Are gay priests the problem?

It is not enough to point to the recent John Jay College study that found most of the victims of clergy abuse since 1950 were adolescent boys. Revelations concerning seminary life in recent decades have given sufficient impetus to pursue an extensive evaluation of the institutions that train and educate future priests, especially when it comes to the issue of homosexuality.

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October 12 2005 By virtueonline Homosexual Issue Plagues Denominations

The convention upset conservatives, however, by refusing to vote for a resolution that would remove the ambiguity from the denomination's regulations regarding whether or not a minister could bless same-sex unions.

Episcopal Church in USA (ECUSA)

The fallout from ECUSA's 2003 consecration of openly homosexual Rev. Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire continues to roil the denomination, home to 2.5 million of the worldwide Anglican Communion's 77 million members.

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October 08 2005 By virtueonline Division at Dartmouth-A Christian Speaks His Mind

Keep that in mind as you learn of more recent developments. On September 20, Dartmouth's student body president, Noah Riner, delivered the customary convocation address--a responsibility that comes with his elected position. Mr. Riner's speech was relatively short, intensely personal, and intellectually courageous. All that explains why Mr. Riner, a home-schooled native of Louisville, Kentucky, soon found himself at the center of controversy.

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September 24 2005 By virtueonline Not Liberating, After All How did feminists end up in bed with Hugh Hefner?

It was all supposed to be so liberating. But it wasn't, as Ms. Levy argues forcefully in "Female Chauvinist Pigs." It was merely the academic groundwork for what she calls "raunch culture," now so ubiquitous that we take it for granted. Young women wear shirts emblazoned with "Porn Star" across the chest. Teen stores sell "Cat in the Hat" thong underwear. Parents treat their daughters' friends to "cardio striptease" classes for birthday parties. This is liberation?

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September 13 2005 By virtueonline The feminization of society: Judeo-Christian values

Judeo-Christian values do not conflate equality with sameness. But the Left rejects any suggestion of innate sexual differences. That is why the president of Harvard University nearly lost his job for merely suggesting that one reason there are fewer women in engineering and science faculties is that the female and male brains differ in their capacities in these areas.

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September 06 2005 By virtueonline Military Wrestles With Disharmony Among Chaplains

Much of the conflict is in two areas that, until now, have been nearly invisible to civilians: how the military hires its ministers and how they word their public prayers. Evangelical chaplains -- who are rising in numbers and clout amid a decline in Catholic priests and mainline Protestant ministers -- are challenging the status quo on both questions, causing even some evangelical commanders to worry about the impact on morale.

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September 01 2005 By virtueonline Faith binds many on Sox Evangelical Christians give sport a spiritual context

The service was conducted by the Rev. Walt Day of Baseball Chapel, a ministry that provides all 30 major league teams with a chaplain. Moments earlier, Day had turned a stuffy storage room in the visitors clubhouse into a chapel for five Detroit Tigers.

Similar contrasts in the size of the Sox congregations and others have seized the attention of baseball chaplains across the country.

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August 17 2005 By virtueonline Is Europe Dying? Notes on a Crisis of Civilizational Morale

The policy differences are real. Attempts to understand them in political, strategic, and economic terms alone will ultimately fail, however, because such explanations do not reach deeply enough into the human texture of contemporary Europe. To put the matter directly: Europe, and especially western Europe, is in the midst of a crisis of civilizational morale.

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