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Culture Wars
April 23 2006 By virtueonline Braver new world: Is Christianity in America a sun rising or setting?

Take a moment here for self-examination, and observe what you honestly feel about the impact of Christianity in America. Is it a sun rising or a sun setting? The answer to that question in your heart of hearts will determine your chosen pastime: keeping at it with the truth-or gardening.

I sneaked out of the café when theologian Os Guinness came to town a year ago. He said this in our seminary auditorium:

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April 23 2006 By virtueonline "Gay" Subculture Left Woman Scarred from Childhood in Homosexual Home

Describing her father's homosexual lifestyle as a culture without "boundaries and principles of morality and monogamy," Stefanowicz said her upbringing was characterized by confusion and lack of affection, domestic violence and sexual abuse.

In her father's world which he made hers, she said, "transsexualism, and transient and anonymous multiple partners were common...By age ten, for example, I was exposed to a gay nude beach, a sex shop, and a gay cruising park."

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This book is essential reading for Christians in the West as they seek to think through these issues and respond to the challenge in a way which is wise, loving, biblical, effective and Christ-like.

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April 11 2006 By virtueonline ATLANTA: Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies

The religious right aims to overturn a broad range of common tolerance programs: diversity training that promotes acceptance of gays and lesbians, speech codes that ban harsh words against homosexuality, anti-discrimination policies that require college clubs to open their membership to all. The Rev. Rick Scarborough, a leading evangelical, frames the movement as the civil rights struggle of the 21st century.

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April 10 2006 By virtueonline Apostates from Islam: The case of the Afghan convert is not unique

Some other Muslim countries have laws similar to Afghanistan's. Apart from its other depredations, in the last ten years Saudi Arabia has executed people for the crimes of apostasy, heresy, and blasphemy. The death penalty for apostates is also in the legal code in Iran, Sudan, Mauritania, and the Comoros Islands.

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March 27 2006 By virtueonline Under the Scimitar of Damocles - by Andrew Bostom

John Ralph Willis, Princeton University Professor of Near Eastern Studies, has described the "apparent paradox" that jihad wars and razzias (p.343) -rationalized as struggles to liberate men from unbelief-became, through the mass enslavement intrinsic to these campaigns, "a device to deprive men of freedom." And freedom, in the Muslim conception, "being perfect slavery" to Allah, the sole (distant) hope of earthly freedom from the bondage and humiliation of slavery for the subjugated infidel-

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March 23 2006 By virtueonline The curious rise of anti-religious hysteria - by Frank Furedi

What Toynbee seems to find most hateful about religion is that it is able to express a powerful sense of faith. 'US born-agains are using the movie', she warned. Many critics seem especially outraged by this prospect of religious organisations 'using' the film to promote their faith.

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March 22 2006 By virtueonline CHICAGO: Are gay adoptions shaping up as nation's next culture clash?

On July 9 Nate entered the world, and his birthparents, working with the Cradle in Evanston, chose McDonagh and Smith to adopt him.

"We were very lucky," Smith said. "Everyone--including our families--was very supportive."

Not everyone views their domestic situation so benevolently. In recent weeks a flurry of activity has focused new attention on same-sex adoption, which is being touted as the next battleground in the nation's culture wars.

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March 20 2006 By virtueonline KABUL: Afghan Man Faces Execution After Converting to Christianity

And so, officially, Muslim-born Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam and not for practicing Christianity.

Appearing in court earlier this week Rahman insisted he should not be considered an infidel, but admitted he is a Christian.

He says he still believes in the almighty Allah, but cannot say for sure who God really is. "I am," he says, "a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ." Rahman reportedly converted more than 16 years ago after spending time working in Germany.

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March 08 2006 By virtueonline "Prophetic Politics Goes to Washington?" - by Timothy Sherratt

To his credit, Wallis wants Christians to embrace a comprehensive social ethic. He does not seek to exchange conservative moral issues for liberal moral issues. The Christian ethic he advocates penetrates the boardroom and the budget, as well as the bedroom.

As the 2006 midterm elections loom, could evangelical politics achieve the synthesis Wallis seeks, marrying traditional positions on personal moral questions to moral commitments to end poverty?

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