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Culture Wars
July 18 2005 By virtueonline How to save society - by Vox Day

What are the chances God's will for you is to sit numbly in your cubicle and mindlessly pay your taxes and your mortgage while you wait for the sweet release of death?

The liberal theologians are correct in one regard: Jesus Christ was a revolutionary. He overthrew a tyrant worse than Nero, King George and Stalin combined when he defeated the prince of this world by means of his death on the cross.

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July 16 2005 By virtueonline Transition from Homosexuality to Heterosexuality Possible

I Do Exist producer, Dr. Warren Throckmorton, says the video affirms that an individual's identity is defined by his or her commitment to absolute truth.

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July 12 2005 By virtueonline A nation of deists - by Gene Edward Veith

(1) "A god exists who created and ordered the world and watches over human life on earth."

(2) "God wants people to be good, nice, and fair to each other, as taught in the Bible and by most world religions."

(3) "The central goal of life is to be happy and to feel good about oneself."

(4) "God does not need to be particularly involved in one's life except when God is needed to resolve a problem."

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July 12 2005 By virtueonline Weak Brits, Tough French by Daniel Pipes

Counterterrorism specialists disdain the British. Roger Cressey calls London "easily the most important jihadist hub in Western Europe." Steven Simon dismisses the British capital as "the Star Wars bar scene" of Islamic radicals. More brutally, an intelligence official said of last week's attacks: "The terrorists have come home. It is payback time for ... an irresponsible policy."

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June 27 2005 By virtueonline The final altar call

They stood and cheered as the white-haired evangelist, accompanied by his eldest son, Franklin, slowly made his way to the stage with the help of a walker. Although his large, wooden pulpit included a chair in case the elderly preacher needed to sit, Mr. Graham stood throughout his 25-minute sermon.

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June 20 2005 By virtueonline Same-Sex 'Marriage' -- Have the Best Interests of Children Been Considered?

My biggest concern is that children are not being discussed in this same-sex marriage debate. Yet, won't the next step for some gay activists be to ask for legal adoption of children if same-sex marriage is legalized? I have considered some of the potential physical and psychological health risks for children raised in this situation. I was at high risk of exposure to contagious STDs due to sexual molestation, my father's high-risk sexual behaviors, and multiple partners.

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June 20 2005 By virtueonline When Material Wealth Is Not Enough

Layard observes that Bentham's ideas had great influence, but that over time the search for happiness often degenerated into rampant individualism. As a remedy Layard argues that we need to renew the concept of the search for happiness by adding to it the idea of the common good, thus avoiding excessive individualism.

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June 15 2005 By virtueonline CANADA: Gay advocates fight churches' charity status

"We have no problem with the Catholic Church or any other faith group promoting bigotry," he said. "We have a problem with the Canadian government funding that bigotry."

Several Liberal backbenchers have been pressuring Prime Minister Paul Martin to amend the controversial gay-marriage bill, which is now before the House, to protect the tax status of churches that refuse to perform such marriages.

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June 14 2005 By virtueonline Same-Sex "Marriage," "Hate Crimes," and the New Totalitarianism

The recent passage of Canada's Bill C-250, which amended the hate crimes law to include sexual orientation, is a case in point, and the looming "same-sex marriage" bill is another. A number of aspects of the new hate crimes law are especially disturbing.

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June 14 2005 By virtueonline In the Fight: Desecrate the Koran -- Riots; Desecrate the Bible -- Yawn

Little is heard publicly about such contempt.

The reason? It is likely what Newsweek and its media elite friends choose to report, and not report. The largely irreligious corps of reporters and their disrespect of Christianity obviously comes into play.

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