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Culture Wars
March 12 2007 By virtueonline Evangelicals battle over agenda, environment

A new generation of pastors has expanded the definition of moral issues to include not only global warming, but an array of causes. Quoting Scripture and invoking Jesus, they're calling for citizenship for illegal immigrants, universal healthcare and caps on carbon emissions.

The best-known champion of such causes, the Rev. Jim Wallis, this week challenged conservative crusader James C. Dobson, the chairman of Focus on the Family, to a debate on evangelical priorities.

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March 06 2007 By virtueonline UK: Religious Schools May Not Teach Christian Sexual Morals "As if True..."

Although religious schools will be allowed to remain open and may continue to give instruction in various religious beliefs, instruction must be modified "so that homosexual pupils are not subjected to teaching, as part of the religious education or other curriculum, that their sexual orientation is sinful or morally wrong."

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March 03 2007 By virtueonline Magazine publisher accepts Christ, leaves homosexual lifestyle

Cothran goes on in the online edition's current "cover story" to describe her financial contributions to homosexual lobbying organizations, but says her life has now changed.

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March 02 2007 By virtueonline Why liberals are right to hate the Ten Commandments

Even for militant separationists like the ACLU, this ferocious hostility to innocuous and generally uncontroversial monuments looks excessive, even self-destructive. The overwhelming majority of Americans instinctively accept the Commandments as a timeless, cherished summary of universal moral precepts.

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February 25 2007 By virtueonline MASSACHUSETTS: Law of the Land

U.S. District Judge Mark L. Wolf yesterday dismissed a civil rights lawsuit brought by David Parker, ordering that it is reasonable, indeed there is an obligation, for public schools to teach young children to accept and endorse homosexuality.

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February 23 2007 By virtueonline Hollywood's 'Amazing' Glaze. What the new movie covers up about Wilberforce

In fact, William Wilberforce was driven by a version of Christianity that today would be derided as "fundamentalist." One of his sons, sharing his father's outlook, was the Anglican bishop Samuel Wilberforce, who wrote a passionate critique of "The Origin of the Species," arguing that Darwin's then-new theory could not fully account for the emergence of human beings.

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February 12 2007 By virtueonline Domination of church by state - by Ted Byfield

Her answer was clear: The Supreme Court's values should prevail. Then she played her trump card. Churches whose teachings fail to conform to the Charter should be denied charitable status in Canadian tax law and exemption from property taxes. To my knowledge it was the first time the tax threat was seriously levied. It will seek to force the churches to accept gay rights, abortion and (in the case of the Catholic and Orthodox churches) female priests.

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February 08 2007 By virtueonline Vatican on the Death Penalty, Not Inherently Evil, but "difficult to justify..."

"The Catholic Church continues to maintain that the legitimate authorities of State have the duty to protect society from aggressors," says the document on the death penalty. "Some States traditionally include the death penalty among the means used to achieve this end," an option "that is difficult to justify today."

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February 05 2007 By virtueonline Why Liberals Hate Christians

In fairness the first fifty minutes of the hour-long presentation take us behind the scenes of some varied examples of Christians living out their faith - in bold ways.

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February 04 2007 By virtueonline The United Nations' Disarray

Here on display is the flawed idealism of the UN's human-rights agenda, as if having human-rights abusers judging human-rights cases is the way to convert them. It is the same utopian impulse that lies behind multilateralism (the idea that nations should always act in concert) and its cousin multiculturalism (openness to the traditions and values of other cultures) and causes such confusion about human rights.

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