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Announcement: Crowdfund Campaign for VirtueOnline

The next step for Virtue Online

Crowdfunding the Digital Future


I want share with you something we are working on. It is huge. Big things are headed for Virtue Online in the near future:

We are calling it: "VirtueOnline 2.0"

VirtueOnline will undergo nothing less than a complete upgrade and overhaul of all our future articles, content, strategy, huge social media strategy, up to and including rebuilding the website itself!

We are launching a crowdfund campaign to make this happen with your help.
The campaign launches October 30th.

Announcement: http://virtueonline.org/crowdfund-campaign-virtueonline
Discuss on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virtueonline/

The Future of Virtue Online

With the many changes going on in the Anglican world and the Christian world generally, it is clear that we need to do much more, do it better, and do it faster. There is so much going on in the world, and the faithful Anglican Christians are called to the ramparts to do their utmost, like never before. Over the last twenty years in the trenches I have seen it all, and you've been there right alongside with me. The strength of worldwide Anglican orthodoxy has never been so great during the past several decades as at this very moment in time: struggles in the Western Church obscure to us the incredible growth of the Anglican Communion across the world, and we want to be there right alongside everything that is going on. We want to bring you the latest news, the most relevant commentary, using the best new technologies and the latest social platforms. In short, we see an even greater vision for VirtueOnline in the NEXT twenty years.

Our Great Task

If you are wondering what more VOL can do (you may think we do a lot?), the truth is, much more:

  1. We don't live on social media -- at all. With antiquated systems like email we still manage to reach *thousands* of people every week; yet we might as well not exist on much more relevant and vital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Medium.
  2. We write a lot, but how much of it has an impact? There are sections of VOL which no longer serve a purpose, or could be done much better.
  3. The current VOL platform is very inadequate in helping us understand what you read, what you choose not to read, and how we can be more helpful to you.
  4. The Website is extremely outdated and a refresh is long overdue, and many of you have told me that!

In short, to make a lot more impact for global orthodox Anglicanism, VirtueOnline needs to do better, and do more.

Building for the Future

To accomplish everything we are called to do, we're launching a CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN, the goal of which will be to raise the funds to upgrade and dramatically revamp VirtueOnline as we know it -- its articles, content, publishing, website, and social media strategy as we move into the future.

The official launch date:

That's next Monday! The campaign will run for only four weeks, and close on November 30th.

With this crowdfund we are diving into the future, head first! I hope you will join me, more details very soon!

Discuss with the rest of VOL community:


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