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By John Donnelly

Like many people, I am often quite bewildered by the many, many
conflicting messages that conservative/orthodox Episcopalians are
receiving from our opponents in ECUSA.

The other day, I received a piece of hate mail from an Episcopalian in
my diocese. I have never met the person. He had heard about us from
others in the diocese (Diocese of Newark), and had read our web site. He
had heard that I am "antigay," and was appalled at the Robinson
election. He suggested that bigots like me should leave the Episcopal
Church. For many of us, such "love letters" are a common occurrence.

However, we receive a mixed message from others in the same camp. They
say, "We value you...we love you in God...please stay and dialogue with
us" Or, "You may leave, but not with your property."

Maybe we conservative Episcopalians should pick up a daisy, and pull
off the pedals, one at an item, asking,"They love me?...they love me

For the time being, I personally do not wish to leave ECUSA. But I
resent the kiss and slap mentality of the liberal Episcopal community.

Coming up at 130th Diocesan Convention, the Diocese of Newark will be
voting on a resolution to promote 'the Unity of the church in the Spirit
of the Gospel." [Resolution 2004-11

This resolution commends the Diocesan Convention of Upper South Carolina
for setting a tone of reconciliation by voting " to set aside all of
these [diviisive General Convention ]resolutions. They did so not
because they believe in the actions of General Convention, but because
they did not want "want polarization around these issues further to
interfere with the ministry, mission, and unity of the Diocese". Through
their resolution, they are committed to seek "deeper unity, more
profound love, and more faithful discipleship."

Does anyone else see the irony here? The Diocese of Newark has led the
charge in these battles for years and years, and now they commend a
diocese for not "polarizing" the church? Where is the truth in this

The Rev. Canon John Donnelly co-Rector, St. Michael's, (Wayne, NJ) An
American Anglican Council affiliate in the Diocese of Newark


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