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COLORADO SPRINGS: Pictures from ACI Conference with Lord Carey

Spring blossoms and Grace Church, parish hall, first afternoon of conference

Cross and stained glass window, entrance Grace church, first night of conference

Acolytes prepare for procession, evensong and Lord Carey's first sermon, first night of conference, Grace Church

Lord Carey preaches, Evensong, first night of conference

Little Mary, Bishop Alpha's adopted daughter with harpist, Alpha is Bishop in Rift Valley, Tanzania, Evensong first night of conference, Grace Church

Bishop Alpha with conference attendees, Antlers Hotel first morning of conference

Lord Carey and others sing Gospel praise, first morning of conference, Antlers Hotel

Jeremy Begbie talks on Mystery, Antlers Hotel, first morning of conference, Exit sign is purely intentional

Ashley Null answers questions after his presentation, first morning of conference

Grace Episcopal clergy with Lord Carey and Bishop alpha. Fr. Don Armstrong of Grace stands between Carey and Alpha at right

Lord Carey preaches, Grace Church, communion last night of conference

Robert Prichard speaks first day of conference, Antlers Hotel

Ashley Null speaks second day of conference, Antlers Hotel

Ephraim Radner speaks second day of conference, Antlers Hotel

Bill Attwood speaks second day of conference, Antlers Hotel

Peter Walker speaks second day of conference, Anglers Hotel

Alpha Mohamed speaks second day of conference, antlers Hotel

John Karanja speaks second day of conference

Photos by Grace Episcopal parishioner and Kingdom servant, Steve Starr. In Colorado Springs Steve has a ministry working with a number of ministries as a photographer and a digital photography consultant. See more of his work at http://www.stevestarr.com.

Steve was honored to win a Pulitzer in photojournalism while working as a news photographer with The Associated Press in 1970. Christian journalist friends from St. Stephens in Coconut Grove, FL. lead Steve back to Christ in 1988. "I pray daily that our denomination will return to Scripture."

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